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I've never actually picked up and read The New York Post. I first heard about it when their front page story was: "Kerry's Choice, Dem picks Gephardt as VP candidate" and now this.

Reader Mike Harris says, "The New York Post is reporting that it was spray paint, instead of a water-soluble chalk mixture. Users might want to ask that they correct their reporting. The online edition/news editor's name is Chris Shaw, at"
I wonder where they get their facts?


The NY Post is one of Murdoch's rags. Thus the mentality is similar to that of his other tentacles, like FOX News. Many of the pundits (like the xenophobe Daniel Pipes) cross over between the NY Post and FOX quite regularly.

"I wonder where they get their facts?"

Oh, they know the facts. Unfortunately they just choose not to print them.

The Post is now and has always been a tabloid paper. No one can really be suprised that they missed out on some pissant fact like this one.

That piece of cr@p is not worth your time or attention. They are either unbelievably incompetent or blatantly misrepresent "news" in order to further some agenda that only they and News Corp. understand. No need to give them any more link juice than they deserve (which is nil in my book.)

Yes, for decades The Post has been a rag, but a somewhat respected rag. The NY Times doesn't do much better because people believe the Post is a rag and that the Times is respectable it gives the Times more credentials. So the Times is more insidious and more able to work an agenda than the Post.
The whole notion of objectivity in reporting is just hubris to me personally. Who reports without a point of view??? Show me this person and I will show you the Buddha.
However, I am starting to wonder how much grassroots information is helpful? Our world is very crowded and do all these voices just creat a din?

Would things would be better if we all chose to relate to our world straight up instead of having a reporter, a magazine, a financial analist, a politician, a general, a pundit, or any one else to do it for us to tell us how to behave? Who knows?

Glad all the left wing loonies are out and about. Like the NY Slimes or the Washington Compost is any better? sick and tired of people bashing one of the very few papers that doesn't follow the DNC talking points.

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