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I reported back in September 2003 that an Indian newspaper reported a local company receiving an outsourcing contract from the Republicans for fund-raising calls. The Republicans denied this at the time. Dvorak has an update.

The Telegraph - Calcutta
Indian voices in Bush pitch - Geography error blows lid off campaign outsourcing

The Texas outfit may have actually got away with its outsourcing exercise if it had not been for the poor training given to Indian telemarketers who handled the job. Sources here said the India-based operation was exposed when one American who received a fund-raising phone call on behalf of the Republican Victory Committee wanted to know where the call was coming from.

“The Washington DC of Virginia,” the caller answered. Washington, the US capital, is actually in DC, short for District of Columbia, and Virginia is its neighbouring state.

I personally have nothing against outsourcing to India, but it probably looks bad for the RNC.


I'm not sure that geographic error is a sign of a foreigner on the phone - I dare say most people working in telemarketing are not troves of geographic knowledge. Neither are webloggers for that matter, but at least we have access to Google.

Why is it always the rich who refuse to recognize it as a zero sum game?

I also don't think that outsourcing is a bad thing.

It forces Americans to ensure that they provide more
value for the services they offer.

Being in the workplace means marketing your self-
and this is not a bad thing.

Those of us that market ourselves efficiently will
do well- those that do not are practicing
Victim Behavior

See my website:

David Bruce -

Has your employer ever sent you to a distant land where you were forced to hammer nails into the coffins of your friends' and colleagues' careers? Mine did.

Have you ever seen a super-talented, sixty-something woman lose her livelihood so that a handful of twenty-somethings could share her paycheck? I've seen it close up.

Have you ever seen the same foreign workers (none of whom are white) literally slave over work morning, noon, and night for half-pay? I have.

Have you ever watched the supervisor who made the "cost-cutting" decision enjoy the new Mercedes and Dom Perignon the company granted him/her as a reward? I have. I even got to fetch the plastic wine glass out of the company kitchen for him. (oops... I mean, "him/her".)

Finally, did you watch all those who kept their jobs toe the line like cowards? "Hey, I got mine Jack." I have.

I'm totally self-actualized and I don't blame my problems on anyone, ever. Still, outsourcing is a greedy-man's game. The rich don't recognize it as a zero-sum game because it isn't one. Not for them, anyway. I've been on the front lines of this issue and I've managed to keep my heart from growing black as coal -- talkin' some smack about "victim behavior"? You sound an awful lot like a Republican. But hey, that's okay if you are -- I love the entertainment you guys hire for your conventions.

Mike B pretty much sums it up. Outsourcing is a rich man's game. That's why only the corporations and their shareholders benefit. Workers, customers and the surrounding community all lose.

Whatever happened to creating a remarkable product or service whose quality actually wows a customer?

Does the company think that the employees they hire overseas don't know they're being hired not for their talents but for the low wages and lax work rules?

Do they think those employees are going to show a lot initiative and enthusiasm knowing as they do the company's committed to them until another country offers their workers at even cheaper prices with no labor protection?

Like Mike B says, these companies are all about "I got mine, Jack." That's not how you build an economy or a country.

Thanks Zane. Might interest you to know that someone from my former company read the original post I made and then threatened me over the phone. They also got caught giving a nasty reference (which is illegal) to a prospective employer of mine. Republicans, cost-cutting office bullies... they all love outsourcing.

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