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Britney Spears's fans don't think the pop star's chewed gum is "Toxic" - they're buying wads of it on eBay. There are more than two dozen auctions of used gum on eBay, each claiming their product has been spit out by the 22-year-old singer. Prices go as high as $14,000, but most are for significantly less. Though there is no way to verify the authenticity of the various wads, many postings include photos of a small piece of chewed gum, a copy of a ticket stub from the "place of finding" and a personal story of procurement.
eeeww... I wonder what people do with this used gum when they buy it. Or maybe I shouldn't ask...


Someone thought of an ADN test to verify authenticity? What would that cost for a private user? Is it even available? Plus, how do you get the original Britney ADN to compare it with the one from the gum?

Interesting challenge :)

(What Julio means is DNA test. ADN = DNA)

/me has some sensation that there are obsessive fans trying to make Brittney Clones in home laboratories.....

At which case, yes, DNA analysis before building the blastocyte would probably be a worthwhile investment.

i think that it is stupid that they are selling a piece of gum that she chewedon, i i wanted something that bad from here all i would do is wait for her concert o end then wait out side till i see her thhen show her my dick then she will want to fuck me cuz i is so fucken big, an dthen i will fuck her good, and then i will lick her pussy clean, an dthen she would give me head, and then i will tear her ass hole open cuz my dick is so big.

How do you even know that the gum is even Brittney Spears gum???? Some one could of just spit it out and someone grabbed it and just put it on Ebay and said It was Brittney Spears gum>??? I would do some test:/YOU NEVER KNOW................ITS A CHALLENGE


Ha what a joke, I heard someone even paid $22k.

Hmm Britney Spears. Many reasonable folks have become a top watcher and can not get too much data or comments about Britney's media coverage. With actions like head shaving, provocative videos, wedding breakdowns or just a new pop single release there is a good deal going on about her. Shame about the nippers involvement but I reckon the money will help them. The internet age is her chance for large earnings but will it be her ruin with way too much coverage and pressure. In fact I imagine that this post and my few lines are part of the identical exposure I commented about.

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