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Interesting chart showing how terror alerts in the US seems to coincide with drops in Bush's approval ratings.

via JuliusBlog


I still have no clue how this president has any approval rating on the plus side at all. If the public knew.. they'd be outraged....but the corporate media does not want an informed electorate.

Just one of Bush's horrific achievements:

I have no idea how G.W. Bush became president.

The facts: Bush was aware of a major catastrophy, but he did not know exactly what. In order to gain access to the Iraqi oil, a war had to be created. Bush, being old friends of the Saudis, managed to pursuade black-sheep Osama to create some sort of catastophy (911), large enough to create a war which would provoke a retaliatory response from the US, which inevitably gave them access to Iraq and its oil.....and so the story goes...

Your time has come Mr. Bush. You are no doubt the worst President in American history, and you are an embarrassment to your country and to the world.

Bush became president because the majority wanted him to be president. I am a former democrat who got tired of voting for clueless presidents(Carter)and spineless presidents (Clinton)and decided to try another party.

I still think I made the right choice.

shark bites and popsicle sticks. in other words correlation does not mean causation

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