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When Jim gave me my first Moleskine notebook, I didn't realize that I would become part of the Moleskine mania. Since then, I see these notebooks everywhere. I have recently been added to the fan blog, moleskinerie. Antoin has some interesting thoughts on the narrative and branding by Mondo e Mondo, the Italian firm making these things.


Dude, waaaaay too small. 8^)

I feel pressured with those tiny notebooks... I use the big spiral-bound ones with the blank paper covers and thick paper. I guess the pocket-size-ness is a factor, but I'm always schlepping around my messenger bag anyway.

i visited a friend in architecture school in malmö sweden last year and i first heard of moleskine there then. so many of the architectural students there were using them. i got a 2004 day by day dairy and it is pretty fantastic, just finding trouble filling it up.

But the one thing about moleskine, and this isnt a criticism or anything, just a comment: to me they are the apple macs of the notebook world.


Yeah, you're dead right about that. They are like the Apple Mac. Macs are basically just computers, but in a few subtle but distinctive ways they're different from other computers. Similarly, the moleskin notebook is just a notebook, but it's distinctive in subtle ways.

How about that, this weekend in a not so local Borders store (Melbourne, Australia) I picked up a moleskin notebook. Soon I'll be writing away on my paper based blog along with my soon to purchase Cross ION pen - stationary is cool :)

My Moleskine doubles as a wallet- I keep my credit cards and cash in the back pocket.

I don't use mine as a sketchbook much any more, though- I have the ol' biz cards for that. But it's good for writing down phone numbers, notes and whatnot.

The Moleskine notebooks are cool, but I like my Maruman Covernote better. They come in several handy sizes and the B7 size (Maruman N430) is small enough to fit in the back pocket of my jeans. I carry it everywhere. I also use an A5 size N433 for meeting and such - it lives in my laptop bag.

These are more expensive than the Moleskine, but they open flat and are more attractive. Downside - they are harder to find. In San Francisco you can get them at Kinokuniya Stationary & Gift in Japan Center, and in Palo Alto at MaiDo in Town and Country Village.

Of course, then you have to find the right PEN!



My entire family has moleskines now. The only problem is that moleskine moments are too rare, meaning our lifestyle just don't have many situations where we need to jot things down to remember other than throw aways for which paper scraps will do just fine.

For example, I spend most of my time in front of the computer. Only time I need to write anything down is with passwords but, since I take my moleskine with me when I go out and the risk of losing it is significant, I don't. I do using it to jot down ideas though.

I doubt my wife and son filled more than a couple of pages of their moleskines. We love them however. Besides, they are cheaper than diamonds, toys, and definitely Macs.

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Can I suggest another really cool product? It's the Pilot Hi Tec C pen. My friends and I (students at Stanford) just started an online store at :) They're really fun to write with.

I'm vacationing in San Francisco and read Darius's post, so I headed over to the Japan Center and was amazed by that Stationery store. All the cool pens from the mfgr's websites, the ones that aren't normally sold in the USA.

I picked the B6 size (a little bigger than a std. moleskine) and after a half hour or so of ogling pens, picked a mini brushed steel fountain pen, the Pilot FS-70S-B. (Also one of the too cute Petite 1 pens).

The Hi Tec C pen is pretty nifty too, though I didn't get one (this time). The store will ship within the USA, so I may call from my home town of Raleigh, NC to order other stuff.

I don't think the Maruman is more attractive, and at $15 (with cover, $9 for a refill) it is debable that they're more expensive than a normal Moleskine ($12-15), and the king of overpriced still seems to be the Van Gogh ones at $18-$20. Also, it kinda lays flat, but it's still a glue binding, so not that much better than a Moleskine IMHO.

i am using a week-on two pages pocket moleskine (to resort to filofax terminology)
one of the things i did first was to go out and buy a filofax pocket pagemarker (Ref.213609)
now i have a ruler with me and can use the ribbon on forward appointements, the ruler rests inserted between the pages of the actual week

one more thing i have done is to clip off the bottom right hand corner of the pages already used. this makes leafing through the pages a lot easier

the last item which might be of interest is my use of a short caran d'ache pencil
it is called the ecridor xs (
when closed with the rubberband, i slide the ecridor underneath the rubberband on top of the notebook. (the rubberband goes underneath the pencil clip)
that way it comes to rest exactly on the top of the pages between front and back cover.

i then pull out the ribbon a bit at the top, forming a little loop and slide the tip of the ecridor underneath it, to double secure. a tug at the bottom of the ribbon, the loop tightens around the pencil and i have a nifty compact little package.

I am looking for a Maruman file note cover. Size 23 x 28 cm. The spine is 2 cm.

Where can I find this in the US?


Gunther H. Burkert

There is a stationary store across from Rockefeller Center in NYC that carries them. Other than that I haven't been able to find them elsewhere. Hope that helps!

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