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My new wiki using Socialtext (based on the open source Kwiki) is up and running. We've implemented a login if you want to edit as a short term fix for wiki spam. We will convert it to self-registration soon, but for now, if you want an account, email Adina and she'll set you up.

The old Moin Moin wiki is eventually going to be shut down and is already being infested by spam as the attention on it wanes. If there is anything on the old wiki that you'd like to keep, please move it over to the new wiki. Jon L will be doing the Emergent Democracy pages so contact him if you can help on those. For other pages, if it is going to take a long time, just put a note on the Moin Moin page that you're working on moving it over so people don't step on your work. Lets make this an opportunity to refactor some of the stuff.

There is a script and some help on converting Moin Moin pages to Socialtext on my wiki.


That link to the scripts ... you need a username/password to access it.


About time you moved over to ST ;)