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Insert-Coin blogged a time lapse movie of our Eccosys web cam which was in my apartment in 1995. Talk about a walk down memory lane.


I cant wait to get home and watch this video! (no QT on linux so I must wait). I think this may have been around the time I first met you because I remember meeting Sen at the Tomigaya office of Eccosys.

while chatting to joi about this i had another think and it must have been in the summer of '95 as i was working at apple benelux (belgium, netherlands and luxembourgh) as dutch speaking telephone tech support. yup, apple's userbase in the netherlands is so small that just me was enough :)

anyways, i have re-encoded the video in a few formats:

Wow Joi. Thanks for finding this! And thanks for saving the file, INSERT-COIN!

I still play guitar, BTW. Even better than back in the day. :-)


ah, i would not know as your webcam never featured sound :(
you did have a wav file of reiko on the site somewhere, i even have that ;)

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