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Hoder reports government crackdowns on reformist websites and bloggers.


Repressive regimes would not like "mentally correct marketing" which I invented a few days ago and have applied to Martha Stewart and Customer Service/Offshore Outsourcing insanity.

"Martha Stewart Gets Vasperized"

"Customer Service IS a Profit Center" (response to post by Seth Godin)

Reformists will use Instant Messaging, Wearable Computers, Physiological Embedded Computers, Nanotech Internal Computers, Blogs, Phlogs (philosophical blogs), whatever they can get their hands on. Some will use the strongest weapons: prayer, faith, hope, and compassion to all living beings.

"Be the change you want to see in this world."

"Be Bizarre--you only live twice."

The arrest of the father of blogger Sina Motallebi is sickening. Motallebi lives in the Netherlands and the news has been featured here in newspapers but indignation has not been as widespread as one would hope or expect.

We bloggers have to start watching out for one another, even when we disagree. That's what journalists do. Nobody should have to see their family harassed because of something they write.