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I'm off to New York today to attend the Creative Commons board meeting and go to the Creative Commons benefit concert organized by Wired Magazine. Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: At airport now. It was very crowded getting through. I was looking through my passport while waiting in line and I noticed that on my last trip the old U.S. Immigrations stamp I used to get when entering the US changed to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Similar, but definitely has a different ring to it.

Also, I've been stuck waiting in line enough these days and have started always choosing lines where if possible both adjacent lanes are closed. I've found that I have a 50/50 or so chance of having the lane next to me open up and shorted our particular line by 1/2. In many airports like Narita, there are two lanes per block and it's worth it to check whether a line is a double line or a single line since sometimes they get mashed together...

Anyway, at least I'm on free wifi with a power cable.