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Main WaterField bag that I put everything else into
I realized today when I was packing that just about everything I pack is in a little sub-bag. I'm not normally an anal person, but having bags in bags with a proper place for every cable and plug helps me structure my packing and pack without thinking too hard. One of the most important components of this system is my WaterField bag gear. I've been using these bags for awhile since Reid turned me on to them, but I keep buying every new specialized pouch they come out with. I'm an addict...

I also LOVE the Eagle Creek Pack-It Folders that keep your shirts together and has this cool plastic thing that helps you fold your shirts.


Don't worry, you're definitely not the only bag-o-phile out there! I don't like shopping, but I'm lost for bags... -E

I am a complete Eagle Creek geek. I must own a couple dozen different-sized bags, packs and pouches. I couldn't leave home without it.

I have a bag fetish too. I have a bag for wires and cables during travel time. I like bag in a bag as it keeps things neat. I also found rolling up clothes and putting a rubber band around it keeps things neat. But those Eagle Creek clothes organizers are also handy. I like my Oakley bags the best along with my Quiksilver hip pouch.

The obvious question is how does the guy who searches your bag react to the suddenly recursive search he has to do?

They usually ask, "what's in there?" and look at your expression. Usually it's OK... Unless it one of those thorough searches. But in those cases, these bags make it easier to put back together again.

I just keep getting more and more of the Pack-It folders too. I bought two more last month when I was back in the States. Bought more clothes? Gotta buy more folders.

I also really like Montbell gear. I have two different sizes of their mesh packs. You'd think they would help with those searches for entering some buildings in the States, but most guards seem to be a bit surprised by the thing and actually look at it longer. The packs do make it easier for me to find what is in them. I can't go near any of those bags with a gazillion pockets now because of the "Which pocket did I out that in?" effect.

For bag-within-bag I'm partial to these bags from Montbell. Tough, different sizes and colors, and lockable. I pop a small combination lock on one with checks, tickets, documents, etc before checking it in a guest house safe just to be sure nothing is opened.

You have to check out Tom Bihn's computer bags-got turned on to them by hard travelling consultants.
I've been using the brain bag with a snake charmer and brain cell for a couple of years after trying several others, including Eagle Creek.....

You know, your post about Molskine notebooks cost me about $50.00 in notebooks, I shudder to think what this one's going to cost me. Make it stop! Make it stop!

I am terribly addicted to crumpler bags. I haven't bought a bag in 6 month but now with that new notebook....
Talking about those eagle creek thingis, I prefer the cubes and by writing this I feel the urge to get another one!

Yes, I totally agree about those eagle creek folders and cubes.
They make itinerance so much fun!

The Eagle Creek shirt-folders are great -- as is the bigger one that handles suits, trousers and shirts as well. The *compression* factor alone is great! I always de-logo EC stuff; envariably looks better. But for sub-sub-bagging, nobody does it better, or cheaper, than Muji. I have a whole large bag full of assorted Muji micro-packing gear

And then there's Brenthaven. Like Ford's Model T, rugged and apparently available in any color "so long as it's black."

öhö-öhö-öhö! he said "anal"! öhöhöh..

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