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Sorry about the light blogging. I've been a bit busy in New York. Here's something to to fill the void. Presenting, The Horn Guy (Windows Media Player)

from eBaum's World via Scott


I remember seeing that show when I lived in France. Excellent, varm entertainment. :)

Is that a representative example of our French "Exception Culturelle" (cultural exception)? Oh well, a good no-brainer laugh never hurts from time to time :-)

The horn guy's name is Michel Lauzière. He's actually from Quebec and is quite creative. In one show he blew up a balloon and proceeded to insert himself inside it. There are other videos of him here:

Did they leave off the "Y"?

Does anyone know where I could get a quicktime version of The Horn Guy? Thanks!

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I just read Joi's post The Horn Guy and downloaded the video he links to. Now you go over there and download it too. You will be amazed. Period... 'Nuff said. Read More