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The concert tonight was amazing. I hope people got a chance to watch the video feed. Gil/Byrne were amazing and were eventually able to get a house full of somewhat tired old people on their feet and dancing. It was also amazing to realize how much Talking Heads songs were a part of my DNA... anyway. Maybe more when I'm less tired. Need to go to bed.

Oh, and David Byrne dedicated "Road to Nowhere" to the Repbulicans.


It was an AWESOME show. I am still speechless...

Lucky bastards. :-)
I think Tokyo needs one of these.
Any chance for a Creative Commons world tour?

It was amazing. I feel a little sorry for the people who were sitting on the second floor, however, as they didn't seem to have as much fun dancing the evening away as we did down on the lower floor.

I'm glad the concert was great. I've been a huge fan of David Byrne and the Talking Heads' music for years. The best concert I've been to was David Byrne. But the comment about Byrne dedicating road to nowhere to the republicans makes me glad I didn't attend. I am so tired of people who are famous for acting or singing or whatever using their celebrity to espouse their political beliefs in an inappropriate manner. If take my time and possibly my money to watch an award show or a concert then I don't want to be beaten down with some director's or rock star's idea of what is wrong with this country or a political party unless that is the purpose of the event. If Bruce Springstean and whoever else wants to have a concert to raise money for the Democrats, that's great. At least I know it up front. If David Byrne wants to have an anti-Republican rally where he is going to perform his greatest hits, super. Maybe I missed something but I thought the point of the concert was to raise awarness/money for the Creative Commons not Republican bash. Maybe they are one and the same. It seems to me that if the people involved in the Creative Commons wants to succeed then they shouldn't want to alienate that significant a portion of the population in the US. Or maybe again there really isn't a desire to involve everyone.

I don't mind that actors or musicians have opinions on politics or that they express those opinions. I think that is great. I just think there are better forums. Blogs for instance or Op Ed pieces or a book. In their work is appropriate. If the Beastie Boys want to make an anti-Bush song I'm all for it. Even a concert is fine if I know up front. Call it the Oust the Rpublicans Tour. Or the Burn the Bush Effigy tour. At least I'll be able to decide if I am spending my time/money appropriatley.

I visit this Blog almost daily specifically because a lot of times the opinion here is different from mine but I know when I hit the favorites button and choose this URL what I am getting into. I may not always like it but that's why I come here to hold my opinions up against others and examine them closely to see if they still make sense to me. When I watch an award show I want to see who won best actress. When I go to a concert, I want to hear music. I like having the power to choose what I am going to do and I don't appreciate someone else taking it away from me. Whether it is the goverment or an artist.

The concert was very good. And the CreativeCommons cartoons were fun.

It was my first exposure to Gilberto Gil. When Gil and his band finished their remarkable set (that included an exquisite version of John Lennon's "Imagine") my colleague said "Now there's a Minister of Culture!"

I had a different response to the "Road to Nowhere" performance. Even though it was dedicated to the RNC, I listened and experienced the song in a much larger context. It's really a song about all of us, not just Republicans, Democrats, etc. I hear it as a transcendent, even agnostic, poem.

Not all Republicans are on the Road to Nowhere! I've set up Republican Switchers -- a Typepad blog: It is an attempt to create a conservative-friendly space that gathers the voices of former Bush supporters and conservatives who support Kerry. My hope is that folks will pass it on to the conservatives in their lives and that those conservatives may be swayed by one of their own to switch to Kerry.

I have been a Bruce fan for years but he should of kept his polital views to him self he gave his time to help a loser.If you are going to give free time do it for the right cause not the wrong man.Ex Fan