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Esther scooped me and announced that she is investing in flickr. So am I. I haven't been blogging about flickr too much, even though I'm addicted because I wanted to wait to announce this first. I'm just a passive investor, but wanted to disclose this relationship.

You can see my photos on my flickr photo page. You can even subscribe to it in RSS 2.0 or Atom. Remember to check out the Tags page. There is also my personal tags page. Things have been getting very taggy around here ever since I started using

Thanks for the opportunity to invest Stewart and Caterina.


Joi, that's a great investment! flickr rocks.

I like the idea of Tags page. It leads to Emergent Markup Languages.

Hmm. The Tags page also reminds me of the Fractal Blogspace.

Awesome. Way to go Joi! And congrats to Stewart, Caterina and the rest of the team!

Where shall I put your Flickr badge/feed? ;)

Just had a look at your photos and left a couple of comments. Really nice.

As an early flickr fan, I can say Stewart is a genius. And a good egg too. Good one, Joi.

Interesting, but it has two fatal flaws for me:
1. Dependence on Flash.
2. RSS photos too small.
3. Not decentralized P2P.

Other than that, I love the RSS feeds, tagging concept, etc.

Flickr is amazing. It has the potential to be a pretty interesting killer app. Good luck on your investment.

Flickr does rock - it has potential to grow into something bigger and more community based too - as most services seem to these days.

Incidentally - what's the JoiIto take on StumbleUpon - I haven't seen very many ppl mention it (must be reading the wrong blogs heh) - but SU is really looking very good - great performance, and endless hours of addictive surf-plesh.

Hey Joi, in case there was any doubt your blog isn't "working": after viewing your recent posts I signed up with Flickr to put some photos from a road trip to New Orleans on there. I've checking out Corenlius's music tonight and in my upcoming trip to Japan I've decided to add a stop over at Kamikochi, since your nice pictures have revealed to me what a nice place it must be. cheers and i'm sure you won't take it too hard when Bush wins ;)

Thanks for letting me influence you so much Scof. Now vote for Bush and you'll really be cool. ;-)

Ito and how do we do the same (investing)? :)


Why only flickr when you can also:

Wow! if you wrote this way back 2004 and you have invested in flickr then may I say you have great insight. Good job.

And that's a full half year too before Yahoo acquires flickr (I think they were acquired by Yahoo March of 05). Very good investment.

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