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During Ars Electronica in Linz, I got a chance to hang out with Michael from I would have blogged about this earlier, but they have been having server problems and they wanted me to wait until they had stabilized the situation. has been around for awhile now and they've even been covered in Wired so many of you may already know about them. It is a music site based on collaborative filtering. Using one of the many Audioscrobbler plugins, you can set your music player to upload the titles of the music you are playing to their site. This starts to create your profile. You can also go to the site and browse songs and artists and add them to your profile. It will recommend similar artists and also show other fans of those artists. You can browse the profiles of those fans as well. Eventually, you will have enough songs in your profile for it to calculate your neighborhood. These are other members with similar taste. It's quite uncanny how similar some people's taste in music can be. You can visit these people, see what they are listening to, send them messages or add them as friends.

Once you have a healthy neighborhood and profile, the next thing you do is start listening to the radio. is MCPS/PRS registered and has a paid license to broadcast music internationally from the UK. Only music registered with MCPS/PRS or registered directly with will be streamed, but you can listen to your own music collection, anyone else's music collection or your profile neighborhood as an mp3 stream. The web based player window will show the name of the artists, the track, the cover art, the person who's profile it is coming from and a button for "love", "ban", "skip". Anything you like will be added to your profile.

You can configure to use your local You can buy most of the albums you browse on Amazon. In addition, labels can sign up on and sell music directly via downloads. Labels can set their own price. The collaborative filter allows labels to target new songs into the clusters that are most likely to be receptive to a track and the collaborative filter takes over after that.

I think this is an amazing synthesis of traditional business models from the music industry and collaborative filters. I also love how your music becomes your identity. My page shows what I'm listening to and what I kind of music I like most.

DISCLOSURE: I don't have any official relationship with yet, but I'm currently talking to them a lot and giving them my feedback and thoughts.

Michael, let me know if I got the facts right.


hey Joi, this is the best "article" I have read so far on and I am not trying to flatter you ;-) you got all the aspects presented in the way they are connected to each other. nobody managed that before. maybe we should post this on our about page. so yeah people check it out it is just as joi said. hours of fun.

hey Joi,

I had this one up last year about We had considered an investment at that time. Great company - good you discovered :-)


Hey Joi, thanks to your article I found I'm trying out their service as I type this--very neat! I can't wait to find out who my "neighbors" are.

Dude, this is like totally wah-some! Sure, it's fiendishly clever, but what impresses me is the cool tunage! :-)

"I also love how your music becomes your identity."

PART! part of your identity. and it doesn't become, because it already is, you are now just sharing that part of your personality more easily!

I LOVE it.

Also, just as in webloging, where you begin to craft that "identity" with what you write and how you write it, and photo/moblogging with what you take pictures of and post, this can (will?) influence what you listen to...

I'm already rejigging my playlists... ;)

Joi, thanks for the tip on this streaming alternative. Signed up this am and so far so good. Better than Rhapsody as far as having a station tailored to your likes.

Joi, I just signed onto this past weekend, and I am VERY impressed with this service and its potential. I've already found some new favourite tracks :-)

You've given a great overview. Thanks.

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