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I just got my picture taken with my second cousin Keigo. Keigo is aka Cornelius and is a pretty well known musician. The picture for a magazine called Brutus and the series is about cool people and their relationship with someone else. So I was the "someone else" for this article. The photo was taken by Kishin Shinoyama who is well known for his portraits. His confidence and efficiency were quite amazing. He found this cool spot to take the photo in our offices in 5 minutes. Then he set up his 8X10 camera took polaroids of three poses. He seemed to only take one or two actual photos of each set up. It was all over in like five or ten minutes.

He gave me one of the polaroids and signed it for me upon request and said that I could post this on my blog.


there is something very emotional about that picture, your second causin looks distracted, thinking of something or someone and you touching the wall that seperates you, ace photo, would love to see a high res one!

I actually mumbled about how it looks like we both forgot something and that became the name of the photo. futari no wasuremono.

Awesome photo.

Egads. Dark-clothed glucose-deficient postmodern drones stumbling about in barren, interminable corridors, with little else to look forward to than a periodic soft drink fix delivered by a God-machine. What a dystopian vision ;-)

MV: We thought about shooting it at my house in Chiba, but we decided to go dystopian.

I saw him perform at Bimbo's 365 in San Francisco back in the heady dot-com days of 1999. Great show, great musician.

A couple of tasty Cornelius links:

Might make a good start for a Wikipedia node. I'll look into that later today.

Oh, and to second what Andy Baio said: an *excellent* performer. When I saw him in NYC on the Point tour the band played in perfect time with the music videos projected onto a screen at the rear of the stage.

At one point he brought an audience member up on stage and used his body to play the theremin, gave him a hug and sent him back to the audience. Fantastic.

Wow, that is cool that you two are related. Saw Cornelius at The Whiskey in L.A. years back -- the video and performance were dope! No new music has come out (in the US) from him in a long time (at least not that i have seen) . Seems like he made a good choice for his "someone else" as well!

Very nice photo. Regards.

I love that photo! I love his "Point" CD.

OMG!!! That's awesome. I like the angle and the pose you and Cornelius are in, Joi. Great stuff. :D

Cornelius has been one of my big inspirations. When's he planning on releasing a new album???

Nice picture!

Nice pic...quick technical question. Did he light it? or did he just use available lighting?

Very nice!!!

One light and a strobe. I think it was 1.25 second shutter speed.

Great picture... I'm not sure if it was the photographer's intention, but the positioning kind of really illustrated the relationship between second cousins!

It's a photo collage, but done with a single exposure. Genius.

The idea was to try to illustrate our relationship. We did an interview and I realized that were more like siblings than second cousins. His aunt and my mother were really close and his aunt too care of me when my mom was away. After my mother's death, Keigo's mom is the closest thing I have to a mother. Keigo, on the other hand is an only child and I was the closest thing to a big brother he had. I am two years old er than him and I had a stereo and records before he did. He used to come over and listen to my records. We started out listen to the same Devo and Adam Ant records. I guess he was the one with the talent. ;-)


Cool, Joi... your photographer did a great job; it's immediately obvious what he was trying to say, but in a subtle way. It seems like a departure from his regular style, looking at his site, but it really worked well...

"I see a distant crowd!"

Wow its cool here in joi ito. Have fan in here....NO arm can ever hold you here!!!!

Trying to get in touch with Kishin Shinoyama-- I have some prints from the 60s of John Lennon and Yonk Ono and wanted more information. Have any ideas about contacting him? I don't speak Japanese either...



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