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"In a complete reversal of their policy and on the heels of Avex's partial cessation of copy protected CDs (translation), Sony Music Entertainment in Japan has announced that it will abolish its Label Gate CCCD format (translation) beginning in November 2004 and move back to normal CD-audio format discs for all future releases. Reasons cited are music users' increased consciousness about copyrights and maintenance of legality (conformity to the CD-audio format specification). In related news, Sony also released a slightly updated HD walkman (translation) due to pressure from the iPod, but because of hardware limitations the device still does not support MP3 playback."
Yay! Sony does something smart in the DRM space for a change.


Great news :)
Bad news the studios, and the Apple business model ?

It's about time.

Maybe it is because they realised people were deliberately avoiding the purchase of Copy-controlled CDs? Which incidentally are not rippable for use on iPods and the like?

I have lost count of how many Sony and Avex CDs I have given a miss whenever I see the Copy-controlled Logo of Death.

Now maybe I can start spending my money on CDs again.

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