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Andrea Harner
Terizm, Terizm, Terizm...
Hey congrats to all who have said 'terrorism', '9/11', etc ad nauseum because now it all sounds like blah, blah, blah!

I think I'm supposed to be scared into voting for Bush.

Well Mr. 'Not Such A Good Debater' Bush....BOO! I'M VOTING FOR KERRY.

Check out this short video:


I mirrored the the movie in case the source above gets overloaded.

Apologies to my Republican readers, but although I already declared that I'm a partisan blogger, I'm going to start leaning into it a bit harder as you can see from my recent posts. Since I can't vote, it's the least I can do. Feel free to comment though. ;-)


terrorism isn't the invention of Bush or the Republicans. It amazes me how the left wants everyone to forget 9/11 and pretend terrorism isn't a golbal problem.

It amazes me how the right, thinks that terrorism is the only problem facing the world and that moreover their solution is putting Christian fundamentalists in office to fight the Islamic fundamentalists.

Well, Dan, I would have to day that that is a nice straw man you have constructed for yourself, but it is fundamentally flawed.

Most "Christian fundamentalists" (a term which most liberals use with the contempt reserved by the Nazi's for the Jews) are very concerned about terrorism, and also the hollocaust of abortion, and the moral decline of society, and fiscal responsibility of government.

Joi, I'm surprised you haven't "leaned a little harder" before;-)

Joi, thanks for standing up. I think too many tech bloggers, especially the most visible, have tried to take the "balanced" approach that newspapers adopted to increase circulation. That seems to be changing as the stakes and the differences become more apparent. Kerry will have his hands full, no doubt. But this age of sneering at the world and intimidating your own people for political gain has got to end.

Something I've heard from my interviews with conservative bloggers, that really puts a fine point on the difference between Bush supporters and opposers: "The War on Terrorism is #1 and everything else is #35."

Of course those folks are including Iraq in the War on Terror (which it is, now that we've invaded it). And it doesn't mean conservatives don't care about the other issues, it simply means they put the safety and security of their family and the country above all else, and they (misguidedly, IMO) believe the War on Terror/Iraq is how we should acheive safety and security.

I applaud your "coming out" Joi. :-) This is a personal medium, and it's hard to disguise something you feel so strongly about.

Don't worry about apologizing to republicans. At this point, they're putting party before country if they do not vote for Kerry.

How anyone can look at the past 4 years of failure -- failure to take any steps in preventing 9/11 even given the heightened intelligence warnings, failure to prosecute the intervention in Afghanistan, failure to build a meaningful international coalition to take out Saddam (yeah, I forgot Poland), failure to stabilize and secure the country after invading, failure to even begin addressing the mountains of deficit spending wer are piling up -- and think Bush would do a better job than Kerry is simply beyond me.

Kerry's stressing of non-proliferation strikes directly at a central failure of this administration and congress to fully fund the Nunn-Lugar weapons security and destruction efforts.

Man this administration SUCKS, and people who don't see it suck too. I simply have no truck with them -- they have their notional world and I have mine.

ok where do i vote?

...for freedom!

Troy, so wrong, so wrong...

Everyone blames Bush for 9/11 yet even the partisan (yes, they were partisan in my opinion)9/11 commission says that 9/11 was in the works for years. Bush was in office for about 240 days. How can he possibly prevent something that has been in the works for years? With an intelligence aparatus having it's funding cut by the likes of John Kerry.

Now, who was in office before Bush? Oh, Bill Clinton getting his rocks off in the White House while we had 5(!!!!) unanswered attacks on US interests.

On top of that, you have that dimwit Madeleine Albright give Kim Jong Il nuclear weapons.

If this administration is a disaster, I suggest you take a look at what led up to it if that were the case.

Bush is doing what every other wimp in Europe is scared of doing, taking a stand against an enemy that cannot be reasoned with.

" How can he possibly prevent something that has been in the works for years?"

Oh, by putting into play the recommendations of the outgoing administration, not taking so many 'working vacations' at his ranch (you know, where he was when he received the daily briefing titled 'bin laden determined to attack U.S;, and perhaps lighting a fire under Ashcroft to get the FBI interested more in investigating terrorists than hookers in New Orleans and other vice/drug issues.

"With an intelligence aparatus having it's funding cut by the likes of John Kerry."

Don't make me go to quotes from Cheney from that time, ass-hat.

Like I said, I simply share a different world from idiots like you. See you November 2nd.

I apologize for venting in your comments section again, Joi.

The good news is if these asshats win a 2nd term I'll be on a NW flight back to Japan before the swearing-in ceremony in January. I immensely enjoyed living in Tokyo 1992-2000, and while I'm 10+ years older now, I think I can still hack living in the coolest city in the world. Except the cold winters and hot summers. hmmm, maybe I should shoot for Okinawa in January. I hear there's lots of tech jobs there.

But, did they talk about anything else at all during the RNC? Amazing how the phrases "September 11th" and "global terrorism" lose all their meaning when abused that badly...

How about starting a

On our web site is already a link to the Italian counterpart...


Please carefully consider these two very different viewpoints.

KERRY: "Every attack will be met with a swift and sure response." (DNC Convention)

BUSH: "We will fight the terrorists around the world so we do not have to face them here at home." (First Debate - In His Closing Statement)

The fate of American and the free world is up to us.

BUSH: "We will fight the terrorists around the world so we do not have to face them here at home."

TRANSLATION: "We will arbitrarily invade a country where the terrorists aren't, but near enough for them to travel to. We will facilitate terrorist recruitment efforts by killing, imprisoning and torturing the civilian population. We will then ship our boys and girls to travel around that region in unarmored Humvees so that they can be killed off one by one with simple low cost roadside explosives, with little risk to the terrorists. We will ship our people overseas to be victimized by terrorists so that terrorists don't have to bother with traveling to North America to kill US citizens. Next in our plan: free pizza delivery for terrorists."

Rob, in the typical extremist left Democratic fashion, takes a simple, single sentence whose meaning is abundantly clear on it's face, and distorts it to his own narrow minded interpretation. His commentary earns him an "F" for his poor attempt at political satire and an "F" for attempting to translate what clearly does not need translating. Sadly, Rob's comments are more of an insight to his own embittered views than anything else.

For his next feat of amazing wizardry, Rob will try to tell us what "...the right of the People..." means. Democrats are constantly at odds with the plain meaning of that phrase also.

Gary, in typical unthinking Republican fashion, challenges a straightforward post containing a half-dozen specific points, but his failed attempt consists of vague generalities that are equal parts projection of his own personality ("embittered views") plus warmed-over regurgitation of conservative talk-radio tripe ("Democrats are constantly..." bla bla).

Sorry to hear you flunked out of teacher school, Gary. You should see someone about your obsession with grades.

Is there a sane republican left among us?

When you've got to point to Buchanan for signs of sanity among your opponents the needle's pretty much pegged into the red.

Enjoy your alternate reality, my republican friends. I almost hope Bush is actually elected this time so the awful full fruits of this misadminstration will fall on his, and your, pointy heads.

Au contraire mon ami Sandy,

You speculate that Gary’s post “consists of vague generalities that are equal parts projection of his own personality…”. This is a red herring. His comments are crystal clear. Rob’s “translation” of something so simple is entirely unnecessary. The simple sentence is unambiguous and stands on its own merit. Gary’s post is to the point in this assertion and it is baffling why you fail to comprehend this. Arguing a different viewpoint is encouraged, but denying something so evident is childish.

It is equally applicable that your comment about flunking out of teacher school is a projection of your personality. Of course, I would never say something like that and I am certain your claim to have heard such was merely an unthinking, emotional blurting out.

More important is the underlying difference in philosophical beliefs between the two presidential candidates that Kamal so eloquently points out

Despite his french, my good buddy Conor is dead right.

The simple sentence "We will fight the terrorists around the world so we do not have to face them here at home." is unambiguous and needs no translation.

Everyone should take this statement from Bush at face value.

Just like we should believe that:

  • Operation Iraqi Freedom is about bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq rather than a permanent occupation by a military force that would be rejected by a majority of the population if they could really vote
  • the Healthy Forests Initiative is about saving trees rather than allowing the logging industry to cut them down,
  • the Clear Skies Initiative is about cleaning up the atmosphere rather than reducing compliance requirements for polluters
  • the No Child Left Behind effort is about... well, you get the picture.


an addendum for the sarcasm-impaired

Joi, welcome to the fold.

Even though you can't vote, given your contacts here in the States, if you can get just one person in a contexted state to vote for Kerry, then you've done a good deed. Go forth and multiple (those votes)!

A humble opinion from a Dane who just bumbed in:

Of course the US should protect its citizens from terrorist attacks. Who can argue against that? The point is that there are different ways of doing so.

Bush believes invading countries and building up a strong defence is the right way. Kerry believes... well, I must admit I can't really tell what Kerry truly believes... But both of them should maybe start to wonder why America is hated so much by a lot of people in the Arab world. Terrorists need a rather large group of desperate people to recruit from. Today, some people in the Arab world are born desperate. They have nothing to lose. And they are told that the Western world is to blame. US is the main symbol of the western world. Do the math....

I know some (most?) Americans could not care less what the rest of the world think of them. And that they believe us Europeans should just shut up and say "Thank you, Sir, for saving the world". Well, maybe we should. But then again...

Clearly, America doesn't need allies to win wars. But I believe the country could use some serious help from friends around the world if it truly wants to win the peace.

Have a great election. May the best man win...

/Jeppe, Denmark

Terrorism is a tactic, a mechanism, not a nation or even a well-defined group of people.

Terrorism is a tactic that has been used by Israelis and Palestinians, Muslims and Christians, Protestants and Catholics, Sunnis and Shias, Aryans and Weathermen.

You can't fight a war on a tactic. You can challenge, confront, contain, negotiate or otherwise engage a political movement, tribe, nation, religious cult or some other social grouping.

War with any of these social groups is a legitimate alternative when other forms of diplomacy fail (war is armed diplomacy).

War against a tactic is meaningless.

War without appropriate diplomatic engagement is a waste.

War with the wrong opponent, in the wrong place at the wrong time is tragic, criminal, evil.

Bush is the worst president in US history, and has made America weaker not stronger.

oh thank you phred!

finally someone writes what i've been wondering for years now ~ how in the world can you fight a war against a tactic?

even the (failed) 'war on drugs' made more sense to me, since drugs are actual tangible things.. but terror??

bush is a horrible hypocrite ~ authorizing indiscriminate killing all over the place and yet talking about the need for a 'culture of life'.. give me a break.

can't wait till nov 2nd.

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