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Warren Ellis
A peace activist who once fasted for...

A peace activist who once fasted for 63 days to protest movie violence and war toys is launching another hunger strike to persuade Ralph Nader to abandon his presidential bid.

Jerry Rubin, 60, said he plans to consume only liquids from Saturday until Nov. 2 if Nader doesn't take a meeting with him. "I know Ralph Nader and I don't think he's doing the right thing," Rubin said Saturday. He said the consumer advocate's campaign is dividing the progressive political movement.

Rubin is often confused with now-deceased "Chicago Seven" defendant Jerry Rubin. He legally changed his name to Jerry Peace Activist Rubin to avoid confusion with the 60s radical...

I wonder what Ralph Nader is going to do...

UPDATE Via Warren: "We're sending him some carrot juice," Nader said Sunday...


My guess is that Ralph will ignore Jerry PA Rubin, just as he has all the other well-meaning individuals that have tried to appeal to his senses. Ralph's stubborness is beggining to remind me of GW Bush's "certainty".

When you're an older man like Nader, you're supposed to rest on the laurels of your heroism; you're not supposed to desecrate it in as spectacular a manner as possible. (IMHO)

The smart money is with Mike, but even if there's a small chance of succeeding, good for Jerry Peace Activist Rubin.

Michael Moore begged Ralph on bended knee to drop out. What's going on with Ralph? It's really a shame that his allies are so troubled with his actions.

* I just posted an Edwards/Kerry sign on my lawn.

Isnt' the election less than 30 days away? For such a short period, that hunger strike is pretty much meaningless.

appreciate the update re: the carrot juice. thanks.

I know there's a lot of people out there who want Nader to drop out, if nothing else, to help increase the possibility of keeping Bush from getting re-elected. But I have all the respect for what Nader's doing...he's the one speaking out on the real issues, and trying to highlight how ridiculous the two-party system in the US has become. While I don't want Bush to win, what we really need is more people like Nader. People shouldn't be forced to "choose the lesser evil" and think that's just the way it is. But I will almost agree that this election is so crucial that compromise might be necessary.

All -

I also cringed when I heard Bush say "these people" and "I just know how the world works", but aren't we splitting hairs when we criticize him for those comments? They were just a blemish on a body that was DOA. I think that the President's performance in the debate was a disaster overall.

Oops. Wrong thread folks. (above) Sorry. Time to get coffee.

K -

I know where you're coming from and I respect your opinion, but I disagree with your calm stance.

In 2000, Nader established what I found to be a very disturbing precedent. As a third party candidate, he became a handicap for the party that he was closest to ideologically. And in a close race, even a minor handicap can make a big difference. In such a case, what is the good of a third party candidate if it can be demonstrated that the candidate will never win the election?

Nader knows full well the reality of the situation. He is not adhereing to a principal of any kind; he is merely being stubborn as some old and decrepit men tend to be.

If Nader throws this election, we should also examine the identity and motive of his voters.

It's funny.. Now it is 2007 and these comments seem so outdated. It is now known that Ralph Nader wasn't a spoiler. And Al Gore actually had the popular vote.

Wht if Nader won. What if we voted for hium instead of being scared? What then? Real America, that's what. Not corporate america, not this bullshit bought out Bush or Gore.

Deperate people turn on their own. Sad. Nader rules. The end.

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