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I will be speaking at an Aula event in Helsinki next Thursday about the "Future of the Music Business".

Joi will speak on Thursday, 14 October 5:30 PM at Korjaamo (details here, for directions see this map).
So if you happen to be in Helsinki, drop by.


cool, i'll try to make it.



You may want to see Chris Anderson's story in Wired about the long tail:

Too bad you're coming next week because I'll be in Rome. I would've want to see you but better luck next time.

I second azeem's suggestion; read Chris Anderson's story. It's truly fascinating, and details the current and future course of the music business.

Sure, I will be there. I look forward to your presentation. Hopefully it includes some debate about music as culture and freedom to express culture. Where lies the business model of the music industry which supports free expression of culture? I guess it is something that builds on top of it.

Count me in.

My notes of the presentation available here