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Image from Japan Meteorological Agency
In a few hours, we will get a direct hit from super typhoon Ma-On with a max wind speed of 115 knots. It's the first direct hit I've been in in awhile. I wonder if we should go close the storm doors...

UPDATE: Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) just downgraded it from a category 5 (maximum) to a category 4. Peak winds at 115 kts or 130 mph. It is projected to still be a category 4 when it hits Tokyo. We just closed our storm doors and gathered our candles.

UPDATE2: TSR is showing a rather different path than the Japan Meteorological Agency. Odd. JMA shows a direct hit, whereas TSR shows it veering a bit north...


"If it continues to move as projected, it will be of the most powerful category among typhoons that have landed on eastern Japan in the past 10 years or so," an agency official said, warning of heavy rains, strong winds, mudslides and sea surges.

16:51 JST: 1331 homes have been evacuated in my prefecture, Chiba. Several hundred homes have been evacuated in Sakura, the next town over.

16:58 JST: Typhoon just turned South and is headed directly for us now. House has started to leak water and it's not even here yet...

17:20 JST: 108,000 locations have lost power in Shizuoka.

17:43 JST: Lost power for a minute but it's back up again. My PHS wireless network card shows no network.

1,387 homes evacuated in Chiba, my prefecture. I'm on higher ground so probably no risk of flooding...

16:32 JST: Feels like it's over. That wasn't bad. I guess it's really the flooding that's causing damage. I guess we were lucky. Sorry to worry anyone.

18:50 JST: Chiba is warned that there may be some fukikaeshi or "blow back" still.

I took a video of the trees dancing in front of our house in "super night mode". (800K QT MOV)


I was going to say that closing the storm doors sounded like a good idea.

God bless your family...

keeping my fingers crossed for you.

We only have a well with a pump so I better stash some water...

* valmont thinks joi is out to stash some water
*o* SignOff JoiIto: #joiito (Connection timed out)
Sat Oct 9 02:01:16 PDT 2004

TSR says it's category 2 now. I'm in Kanazawa. A bit noisy but nothing like the monster super-storm I was expecting.

Yeah. I think it lost a lot of power when it got closer to us. I think Shizuoka got hit pretty hard, but not nearly as bad as they expected I think.

Your (silent) movie when played, seemed full of sound and fury, but I heard nothing ;-)

I got sound on the movie -- thought it pretty impressive!

Our prayers are with you.

Sounds like a real rush! The updated play-by-play is awesome. Love the video.

Those super-night mode cameras are reportedly getting recalled cuz they can see through underwear...

re: the dancing trees:
Isn't that a scene from Kurosawa's "Throne of Blood"?

Glad it's over and all seems well. 130mph winds is not a joke... :(

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