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I'm leaving today for Rome, Milan, Helsinki then London. 24 degrees C in Rome, 0 degrees C in Helsinki. Hmm...

As usual, my schedule is on my wiki.

UPDATE: Note to self. Try not to travel the day after a typhoon> If you have to, arrive VERY early. Luckily I arrived unusually early. The airport is hell. Piles of sleeping bags and cranky people who spent the night at the airport. Two hours to get to the check-in counter. Took me 4 hours to get to the gate. Ugh.


Before you leave, please take a look at "Good to be in DC"
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Is this trip something to do with Typepad? And did you know that there are a couple of people (at least) who would like to buy you a drink in London?

i second tom's reply, we want to do a drink/meal thing. please say yes :)

Yeah, lets have a get-together in London.

Excellent, whereabouts in London are you staying - so we can come to you, rather than have you deal with the London Underground.

I think Gerard (the party monster) would be well placed to find a place around where you are staying.

Oh...and the link to your travel page in this article is broken.

Thanks Tom. Fixed the link. I'm staying at the Hempel in Bayswater.

So, is there a plan then?

Well the Swan is just down the road... Unless Joi would like to have a drink in a dodgy East London pub...

Or would you like to do more than just have a drink...we have a few sights hidden away.

i second tom's reply, we want to do a drink/meal thing. please say yes :)

The question that remains, is "What time would you like your kidnapping Mr. Ito?"

Let us know when you are free, and if my suggestion above sounds workable and we will have a plan.

Hows that for a slice of fried gold?

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