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I love Italy so much. Thanks for all the fun. I'll be back soon. I've just arrived in Helsinki and it's warmer than I expected. I am about to head over to Aula to give a talk on the the future of music...


It was great to have you here! I am glad you survived Italy's "anarchy" :-) See you next time.

Funny, just returned from Rome yesterday myself, nice city with horrible public transport and some nice demos ;)
Might someone tell me what they have got traffic lights and crosswalks for when everybody seems to be ignoring them, police included?

I tell you: modus vivendi.

Glad you had such a good time :)
Hope to catch up with you next time!

Thanks to you for your testimony to the Italian parliament.
Hope to be able to see you next time you're in Italy (naughty, you had not put the conference you attended in Milan in your schedule on the wiki :-)

I didn't know the name, date or time of the conference until the day of the conference! ;-) I would have posted if I had known. It was free to attend too... anyway. Next time I'm there I will hopefully have more information.