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Craig of Craig's list says: "now The Daily Show is my most trusted source of news." It maybe tongue-in-cheek but it's not far from the truth.

The amazing thing is, the only reason I am able to watch it at all is because of P2P filesharing / Bittorrent. I think file sharing of videos is a key component of freedom of speech and public discourse when so much attention is focused on television. Although we can dance around singing "fair use", is there any chance news programs can make their content available via Creative Commons for people to share so those of us not in America and have better access to your "public discourse"?

'Daily Show' viewers ace political quiz
Survey reveals late-night TV viewers better informed
By Bryan Long for CNN.

via Lisa Rein


It's not the "full feed," but IIRC, exerpts from TDS are shown on CNN International in a weekly recap show (don't know the name).


Watched Billabong Odyssey while in London last night. Checkout the trailer at . Lots of parallels to the blogging universe. Catch this movie if you can while in town. Heading east today. Surfs up.


that would be nice, but i wouldn't expect it. i assume your "public discourse" quotes are a reference to what stewart said on crossfire, but as he pointed out several times on that show, crossfire is on a news network that has an obligation to provide healthy public discourse, whereas the daily show is on comedy central, whose only obligation is to be funny.

Hey Joi! After the CARPE meeting,

: steve mentioned setting up personal tv stations with moblogging....

I just finished watching it. twice. Fantastic.
best line.
"You're on CNN... The show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls"
This after the conservative guy accuses him of asking softball questions of Kerry when he was on The Daily Show.

I have Lisa Rein to thank for my addiction to The Daily Show. Her blog show me the light.

We get a shortened version of The Daily Show on cnn here in Athens, Greece. It comes on very late at night like 3am or so. Not exactly prime time. First time i saw it i got a kick out of cnn running Comedy Central programming.

If you combine Azureus and the RSSFeed Scaner Plugin with some choice feeds you can really turn bittorent into a tivoesk app.

I wish Real or WindowsMedia or somebody were to do something like Yahoo!BB's BBTV... it is like a cheap (about 2000 yen) satellite provider over DSL. They also have VOD movie rentals for a good price. Not available in Iwate, unfortunately.

Joi, search for the torrent of the Crossfire with Jon Stewart on it... as my buddy Freyburg said, "it's almost a watershed moment for tv"...

Of course, that's until the pundits manage to spin it the other way or bury it in out-of-context, repetetive BS... :)

where are regular daily show torrents?

Filesharing of videos is great, as long as you're not breaking the law.

Sharing shows from cable TV is usually a violation of the law. They don't get all of their revenue from advertising either. The get a chunk of it from the people that actually pay to get it.

What we really need is for the industry to get behind some file sharing systems that have enough DRM to allow sharing of shows by producers that allow it, and disallow sharing when they don't want their product shared.

I have cable TV (as do 99% of all Canadians, I think) so I regard torrenting shows as something akin to using TiVo or a VCR to grab the stuff I missed.

Having said that, sometimes having a show available on P2P actually helps it gain fans, and thus potentially helps sell cable connections. The Canadian mockmentary-comedy "Trailer Park Boys" comes to mind... it had a fan base in the US long before BBC America finally decided to pick it up due to P2P (and DVD sales, to be fair).

Well I just saw for the first time a video of the daily show and I really wish there was a legal way to get a torrent from them. I'd be glad to _pay_ to get a torrent in good quality. Something like 5$ would be fine. I am in Europe and there's now way I could get the channel here.

Too bad the torrents stopped.
Now i can't watch the daily show anymore, in Norway.

I have to correct Trevor Hill:
It's a violation of a stupid law, and we don't need more DRM, but less. But what we need the most is accsess to content and a way to pay for it.

Just check out for the latest greatest music, without DRM! and read their policy.

is it illegal to download American TV via bittorrent in Japan?

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