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David Sifry has posted another cool graph of showing the number of corporate bloggers. See his blog for the details.


Wow, that graphic is horrible. Someone get Technorati a set of Tufte information design books. How about specific numbers for each major corporation called out? And how about some context? I don't know, is 5000 a lot or a little? Someone seems to think it's tiny, but tiny in comparison to what?

How are they getting the numbers for SAP? I work there currently as a coop and I haven't met anyone that blogs and when I asked about a policy specifically for weblogging they don't have one.

Even searching Technorati's site didn't pull anything up. Interesting.


Is there any examples besides HP, Xerox and Microsoft doing so? Any numbers for that? Any examples connecting corporate strategy with corporate blogging?

How many bloggers from the so called corporate blogging community is in fact in a mission from management. How many is in fact skunkworkers – just doing what the are obliged to do?

Is there any evidence that companies at their last boardmeeting in fact decided that their R&D department now should be outsourced to a network of best of breed independent engineers, loosly connected via a weblog.

Please tell me :-)

Best Regards
Hans Henrik H. Heming

Weblog entries devoid of any opinion but simply stating that "I saw this here and it's cool" when content is vastly more important than the colors is a pain in the mind, especially from a personality in a better position than many others to express an opinion. The above comments, not mine, are far more interesting. Your opinion matters. Not your skill at doing copy/paste.

Regards from Tokyo.

"Corporate blogging" is a tip of the iceberg that is intranet and extranet blogging. Most workplace communication occurs inside the firewall, and most of that occurs within small teams. We'll see more outside the firewall as people become comfortable through experience in project blogging, "Brand Me" blogging, and the use of blogs and wikis as replacements of and complements to memos, forms, broadcast announcements, and intranet spam.

The tide is rising. But ice floats; Sifry and SixApart may never see what's going on inside the firewall until they deploy intrant appliances. And Google may be there first.