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Anil points out that Microsoft Passport seems to have withered away silently.


And is SXIP, "Passport done right"? Or is that Typekey?

And its slowly getting reincarnated in the form of Google Account. And we're not going to hate it this time, because Google is no Evil! :)

When did Google announce this? I didn't even know I had a Google Account until I signed in.

If this is true, I am very disappointed. I have always thought Passport was a really great idea, something to streamline and simplify personal data with a universal login. And Microsoft had the market power to make this work. I am able to see past this "Microsoft is evil!" nonsense and understand that Microsoft will not be selling my soul when it gets my information, but I guess a lot of consumers aren't so confident about the company. Maybe that contributed to Passport's failure.

maybe its been fazed out of use as its not "machine readable" by american immigration!

I'd comment on Anil's blog, but I can't be bothered to sign up for a typekey account. (What's the name of the site that agregated logins again?)

Anyway, eBay login page only displays the Passport sign-in option when using IE. I'm guessing Anil uses a browser != IE.

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