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It seems like we're having a typhoon almost ever week. This one isn't supposed to be as bad as the last one, but all flights at Haneda Airport in Tokyo have just been grounded.

UPDATE: TSR says it's just a tropical storm, but it feels stronger than the other one. It's supposed to hit early in the morning...

UPDATE: 17 dead, 19 missing and 207 injured as of 10PM (1 hr 40 min ago). 187,000 homes evacuated. This one seems to be worse than the last one. It should hit our town in about 30 minutes. Doesn't seem so bad yet, but should probably shut down desktop computers...

UPDATE: Now 22 dead, 30 missing. The typhoon veered NorthWest and missed our region.


Hail the size of watermelons in Ichiban-cho!!!

So where is ground zero Japan, i.e. the place where more than one of these 10 storm tracks have intersected most frequently? Given the path, I'm certain some towns have been hit at least more than once.

Here's a nice animation showing Tokage and the nascent Nock-Ten

man I miss Japanese (Kanto) weather. The spring rains, the summer mushi-atsui, the typhoons blowing through, the freezing cold of... November. The weather becomes part of your life!

Living in Silicon Valley, when the cherry trees blossom in late January, it's like, gee, I guess winter's about done now... but in Japan you EARN the good bits like fall colors and crisp winter views of Fuji.

Then again there's freezing your @ss off running from the futon to the unit-bath, mebbe I'm romanticizing this too much....

Incredible rain falling right now. I watched a business man get caught in the downpour. His umbrella was no match for the wind and rain. He threw it on the ground and danced in the rain with a nearby woman in the same shape. I put a nice hi rez satellite photo of the typhoon at


And we whine and b*tch whenever a tropical storm or hurricane hits Puerto Rico!! The last storm we had (ummm 1 month ago) was weak but it still shut down the whole island :P We're wussies :P