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I was de-spamming my comments and I think I accidentally erased a few legitimate comments. I'm really sorry. It was truly a technical error and not an attempt to censor anything. I think I deleted one or two comments, but didn't catch the details since it was a quick click and an oops.


Hehe, I can understand the temptation to delete some of our comments. While I always don't agree with you, I know that you are a man of integrity and not one to willy nilly censor peoples comments unless they are of unacceptable standards.

On a side note, it has become too easy to delete just about anything permanently.

Still have the auto-emails? Might be able to reproduce if you did.

you should post: if you insulted me and I deleted you accidentally please insult me again !

Oh, you mean that there's actually a "no delete" policy here? Uh-oh... I'm not sure you shoulda let that slip out! :) Get ready for more comments about how you abuse children, animals, and the elderly in the name of Creative Commons.

Maybe MT should develop a real time blackhole of spammer IP addresses. I have about a dozen already in my ban list for Viagra postings and what not.

Yeah, I do probably have the emails, but I deleted them so quickly that I don't even remember which post or who it was. I think it MIGHT have been only one.

no surely not! but surely this is freedom of speech and freedom of censorship! hope the comments were not too insulting! your blog is just so entertaining and genuinely enlightening...


How about them Red Sox’s???

I am hoping for a Red Sox- Astros World Series. Winner gets the presidency!

Go Red Soxs!!!!

(PS - not to MostlyPompous: Is English a second language for you? Your usage of "e.g." is incorrect.)

I'll assume this remark is addressed to me, as a string search shows that the only occurences of "e.g." in this blog entry are in my prose.
Methinks it behooves Mr. Bennett to learn a little more about English language usage. "E.g." stands for "exempli gratia", which could be translated as "for example's sake", or more simply, "for example". If Mr. Bennett is not even correctly acquainted with the semantics of commonplace Latin abbreviations, he can always reread the relevant sentences, substituting "for example" for "e.g." Mea gratia, he might even learn a thing or two ;-)

Ooops. I guess I wrote my comment in the wrong window.
Joi, please feel free to delete my blather (entries #9 and #10) in your next cleanup.

Nah don't worry bout it I never commented here before anyway.. ;p

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