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I found editorgrrl in my neighborhood. She and I have extremely similar taste, but she seems to have a bunch of stuff that I don't have in my profile so I listen to her personal radio a lot. I notice my profile becoming more and more similar to hers as her playlist starts to influence my playlist. I just noticed that this feels a bit like online music profile stalking...

I also realized that if you had a crush on someone, you could listen to their music all day long. You would show up in their neighborhood. You would get to know their music. Or... you would keep hitting "ban" and you would realize that you should NOT have a crush on them. ;-)

I am not recommending that this be a primary reason to use, but just a thought...


and don't forget it's little brother, ;)


I shouldn't have posted so quickly... here is my audioscrobbler neighborhood.

I actually started with audioscrobbler before it joined up with (I'm snowgoon on both).

I have to say that has been one of the biggest drains on my bank account recently, all that new music I hadn't listened to that just MUST be bought.. it's awful I tells ya!!

Hm, but if I listen to what you're listening to and you're listening to what editorgrrl is listening to, doesn't that mean I end up audiostalking editorgrrl by proxy?

So we just need to have editogrrrl stalk someone else... then we will have a scrobbler-train. Choo Choo!

If editorgrrl listens to what I'm listening to, will we just disappear in a squeal of feedback?

Joi, after your talk in Finland I signed up with I'm already thrilled with it and I believe I will get more out of it in the future as it tracks my preference over time. The service is just great!

However I think I'd still like to see cheaper albums available online, just like pointed out with regard to the "long tail". Then you could really experiment with music and it wouldn't drive you bankrupt.

The internet enables the stalker in all of us...

Joi, I think you're finally losing it! *8^)

Jon, doesn't that rather assume he had it to start with?

Only people who get it can be losing it. *8^)

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