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MSNBC: Columnist Coulter hit with custard pies
The Smoking Gun: "Al Pieda" Targets Ann Coulter

According to a copy of the police report from the University of Arizona Police Department on The Smoking Gun, the "Al Pieda" were involved.

UAPD report
Search incident to arrest I located on both Wolff and Smith pieces of paper (propaganda) involving Coulter's name and the explanation of "Al Pieda".

via Markoff


Here's the video of it. I think Ann Coulter is a opportunistic jackass blowhard, but that video comes off as fairly violent, like they could have shot her or something.

I almost feel sorry for her, but then I remember she has no heart.

The pair were arrested for missing her face.

Interesting. A controversial writer gets publicly assaulted at an appearance, and Matt says it's OK because he thinks she's a blowhard jackass with no heart, and Jessica says the criminals should be punished for not doing enough damage.

You both need to grow up. What this means is that in the future it will be more difficult and more expensive to arrange public gatherings, even if the speaker is someone you like. You'll need to go through a bag search and metal detectors, and security guards will be ready to pounce on anyone who moves suddenly. What a great world you two are promoting.


Chill out... Lecture me instead about the Nike shoes I bought last week and how that's a crime against humanity.

I think we should be really careful about throwing around the word "assault" here, FionaBre. That maybe what this attack was according to the letter of the law, but I think we'd all have to agree that there's a huge difference between tossing a pie at someone and swinging a baseball bat or broken bottle at them. Is there no room for comedy/performance art in the post-9/11 world? Can't we all recognize this for what it was: a prank by college students?

Perhaps we should frame this discussion, instead, in terms of free speech? Maybe we should talk about how the supression of free speech at events like this one allows Coulter to spread misinformation and make outrageous statements like the following:

"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war."

"We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too."

"My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building."

In the larger scheme of things, I think it's Coulter, not these two kids, who deserve punishment. It's certainly clear who's doing the greatest harm to our world.

Is there any connection to Noel Godin? The guy who got Bill Gates in the kisser with a pie.

Political satire and indeed any humor around politics is a very touchy thing in America isn't it? I'd say in the last 30 years the only two sources political comedy in widespread U.S. culture have been Saturday Night Live and now The Daily Show.

The pie in the face things is HUGE in Europe and Canada. Unliked politicians and celebrities regularly get it in the kisser. It is a method of direct democratic communication, an expression of dissatisfaction and perhaps a tinge of aggravation. It is a note saying "hey, don't take yourself so damn serious oh and we don't like you much."

(en-tartistes = en-tartists = those who en-tarte, tarte being a pie. I cringe at calling this performance art but it is a form of expression.)

As for "security at gatherings" etc... give me a break. if the halfwit up on stage is affraid of the crowd, then perhaps he/she has reason to be? No? If you are hated or disliked by the public, perhaps you should go home and and rethink your approach, instead of continuing to try to enforce your views via controlled environments and distribution methods?

Cultural fascism has so many faces! Wow!

As a european being for the majority of my life so far... throwing pies to someone public is everything but harmful (or maybe if you have skin allergies to custard)... but these persons seem to have an allergy to satire and humour.

But you know the thing... Don't make of our brand, don't make satire, don't be irrespectful of the flag, don't laugh at this or that....


This world is becoming suffocating. It's time for people to stand up, specifically with such NON-VIOLENT actions.

I think Ann Coulter is a snake but throwing a pie on the face of someone you don't like is like a stranger pushing a person's face with a palm. How would you like it if someone did that to you just because they disagreed with what you said? What are such actions supposed to accomplish? Punish? Prevent? Entertain? What?

On the other hand, I don't think clowns should be punished heavily for clowning around. A few days in the jail and some fine should do.

The last time I was in Davos for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, I was walking down the street with Pierre Omidyar and a group of people started throwing tomatoes at us. It kind of sucked, but I wasn't really that upset. On the other hand, they only hit my shoes and not my face.

Well, my father threw an egg filled with red paint at a former Korean President (Kim Young Sam) and got jailed for 8 months. I know that was his way of being patriotic and that most of the country cheered his action, but I couldn't help getting upset at him. I find assassination more reasonable than pie or egg throwing, perhaps because I remember seeing my father pointing his hunting rifles at the Blue House when General Park was still power.

I remember him saying that he wanted to save the country from the dictator, but the dictator was a good man surrounded and blinded by bad people. He knew killing General Park wouldn't have solved anything. All that made perfect sense to me. But this pie or egg-throwing business, I haven't a clue what good they are suppose to accomplish.

On a lighter note, the bad news for me is that my son is just like his grandfather. Being sandwiched by two generations of born-troublemakers is not fun.

Don, this is not about one person disagreeing with another. This is about a group of people expressing their dislike of a pompous personality in a comedic way. Also, how the "victim" responds is their response. For a political figure to take offense (and press charges!!) at the public's expression is indicative of their level of respect for that public.

NO ONE has EVER been injured by a pie in the face.

When you have no opportunity to discuss your grievance or disagreement with someone, and it means alot to you, what do you do? Shrug and accept it? Dictators love it when you do that you know? Or do you show up at their next public appearance and protest?

The pie is a comedic device. It is a direct message, delivered with a smile, that says "hey, you're one of us remember? Get down off yer high horse."

Joi, tomatoes are a similar message only far more negative. And in your case it wasn't you personally under attack, it was the WEF.

lets see this for what it is- a temper tantrum! it is free speech as long as the left says it. it is "right" for the left to force on me "their" views. it is wrong if i say i dont agree with it. i want to discuss an issue, the left wants to beat it into me. the right is for control and debate, the left is for absolute freedom, without rules, and starts swinging when somebody disagrees. the right is for right and wrong, the left is for lawlessness. if you say that morality is only a persons view then you are a leftist. either you have morals or you dont, there is no debating them. if you want to debate them, then you have none, and have no concept of what they are. the left started destroying them in the sixties and continue to do so today, which is why people today cannot tell the difference. i do not agree with Michael Moore, but as much as i feel like beating him half to death with a tire iron, i do not, because i know the difference between respecting his views. but i tell you, the more crap the left pulls, like shooting a GOP office, or throwing pies, or spiting on the back of my car, or forcing themselves on us, the more angry i get, and eventually everybody can get pushed too far.

They were just trying to get some calories into her.

Thank you for posting the video link! Sadly I wasn't really able to see it clearly due to my slow computer. I agree that Coulter is such a harmful and dishonest person that she deserved this. Blaming the entire Democratic party for 9/11 and saying that we should kill off the Mid Easterners and convert them to Christianity is much more serious than getting pie filling on one's shoulder.


> When you have no opportunity to discuss your grievance or disagreement with someone, and it means alot to you, what do you do?

No opportunity? Is the Net down? Isn't the blogosphere and podcasting all about personal publishing? And exactly what aspect of pie throwing qualifies as discussion?

Re no one getting hurt, where do you draw the line? Butt pinching or pouring a bucket of manure on someone doesn't hurt them either. How about a face slap? I don't mind my friends throwing a pie on my face as a joke but it wouldn't be a joke if a stranger did it.

And what about the disagreements? Would it be all right if people threw pies at other people because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation?

Anyone have a link that IS NOT the Ifilm one?

I want a high quality version that I can actually download as a file and play over and over again. Maybe even burn to a CD-ROM.

WTF has happened to the left in this country?

People who say things they don't like deserve to be physically assaulted? I am speechless.

I presume that Joi posted this because he thought it somewhat amusing, but acceptance of this behavior leads to this kind of behavior, in which a registered Democrat nearly killed Katherine Harris with his car, saying, among other things, "I was exercising my political expression." (Police report here.

If Joi had pointed us to this incident, instead of the Coulter one, I would have to presume that some jackass still would have said that "she deserved it."

October 28, 2004

Freedom of speech is a most wonderful thing. Everyone has the rite to believe what they choose to believe but to say demeaning things about someone because you don't like their stance on something is down right childish. Let's grow up. Shall we?

I do not agree with everthing I hear from the conservative point of view and I most definetely do not agree with what I hear from the liberal point of view but, freedom of speech is there for everyone, not just those who consider themselves educated. Maybe not educated but full of knowledge they perceive everyone else needs to hear. Both sides can be quite pushy but not as pushy as the liberal side. It seems when the liberals are challenged for their belief they result to demeaning words.

What is demeaning? Jackass blowhard is demeaning. When I hear this I think of a donkey sucking a man's penis. Ann Coulter is not a donkey any more than Matt is a man. In case you don't know what I just said, that's a demeaning line. Another demeaning line is, A real man would not insult a woman for taking a stand for what she believes. Perhaps Matt wants to go back to the 1940-50's where women didn't dare speak out in public, for fear they would demean a man.

Maybe Jessica needs to eat more protein. That's a demeaning line. After all, FionBre made a suggestion and already Jessica is demanding the individual "chill out". It's okay for Mike and Jessica to say what pops up in their brains but not okay for FionBre to challenge the line.

Jessica, what would you do if you were to take a stance on something you truly believed in and someone threw pies "AT" you? What if, ah - let's say they came on stage and kicked the stuffing out of you? Pie throwing and kicking the stuffing out of someone is not a real good comparison. Pie throwing is less violent. Kicking the stuffing out of someone is extremely violent.

Karl, pie's were thrown AT Ann Coulter, not "TO" her as you suggest. It's demeaning to downplay an incident just because you think nothing serious happened.

Another demeaning thing is to call someone a snake because you don't agree with them. That's sneaky cruelty. Think about the snake! Do you think the snake wants any comparison to Ann Coulter? Of course, if the snake honored God, perhaps it might like to be associated with Ann Coulter. But, let's leave God out of this, shall we.

I like Mike's calorie idea. Poor Ann is quite too skinny. Why she really could turn sideways and we might forget she's there. Unfortunately for the liberal's Ann still speaks and we all can hear her. I like that. She's so covert.

I admit, perhaps it was college students just having a laugh, but that laugh cost them. I like to believe the student's don't really care. They did it and have something to laugh about and perhaps tell their children. That is, if they have kids and take the responsibility of raising them to be proper citizens of the United States of America. L.O.L.

I think the pie throwing incident to be a classic because it caused me to truly appreciate Ann Coulter for what she is. Right!

I thank God everyday for our freedom of speech. Without it, where would you and I be today? We would not be able to freely express our ideas one to another.

Have a great day!

Joi Ito, I really love the line about Al-Pieda. I truly laughed so hard I almost blew Pepsi out my nose.

Personally I'd like to encourage the Left to engage in more of this kind of behavior. Please continue to show mainstream Amerikkkans, who are concerned about the security of their country and their families just what a bunch of vacuous jerks you really are.

And please, please MORE of the "Al-Pieda" and similar references - 'cuz most Amerikkkans really think your model, Al-Qaeda is just a joke and a "nusiance" anyway.

Don't bother digging your political grave with a shovel when you've got a heavy-duty backhoe available.

Keep up the good work!

Oh brother! People took a harmless pie throwing incident so seriously it cracks me up, but the hate mongers think its just perfectly fine and good that we attacked another country that didn't have WMD's, and have killed 1000's or people including our own soldiers.

Peole in this country who actually believe the hatred and foolishness that Ann spews out of her ass are sick in the soul. What a joke she is.

So… If the Smith & Wesson comes out and shoots the chicken pie-assault weasel before the last splatter of whip-cream hit’s the floor, is that self defense? As a member of the jury, I would vote… absolutely.

As I always say… “Once you touch me (or mine), the rules change.”

Talk is cheap, in fact it’s free in the USA. Assault is not speech. It is however grounds for solid physical response so that the assault stops. I mean, do you really know what is in that pie as you are being blinded by it?

I think Ann is a hateful witch and deserves everything she gets. She is only trying to get attention anyway. She probably enjoys this sort of controversy because it gives here something else to whine about. She is a disgrace and embarassment to the true Conservative party. Why she goes so far out of her way to be hated is beyond me. Maybe she is using reverse psychology to get people to side with liberals by being so mean and hateful. She does nothing good for politics. She is a shrew and a loser. I would say I hope she dies, but I already know she will since anorexia eventually kills...

The troops defend our freedoms. The left is afraid to hear anything different than their own views. Hypocrites all.
Anything the NY Times or Wash. Post prints, John Kerry, ABC,CBS,NBS. Rosie, Jane Fonda, Sheehan, Oberman say is taken as gospel.
Making protests and the most noise does not mean you are right. There are two sides to every story which the left has forgotten.

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