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The WIRED CD: Yes, We Have Arrived

You can now get your copy of the WIRED CD, free with the November issue of WIRED, at your newstand. Get yourself two copies: one for you and your friends, and one to save, in plastic, for your grandchildren.

See the full track list.

Yay! Thanks to Wired for pulling this off and all of the artists for participating.

Has anyone ripped and posted it the music anywhere?


"High quality" versions will be available here after November 9th. Does anyone happen to know if it's possible to get Wired anywhere in UK newsagents?

Alex: yes, I am fairly sure any big WH Smith's will stock it, and a few of the large Virgin Megastores have a wide range of magazines. The question is whether the coverdisc will remain, as it so often doesn't when the magazine is imported.... Good luck! I shall be looking for a copy too.


If anyone from the UK manages to get hold of this (with the cover disc) please let me know where from and how much. I can't see Wired in my local WHSmith, but a friend might be able to get it for me if it's in the Birmingham WHSmith this weekend.

anyone know of any remixes out yet? I know it's kinda soon to be asking. but i can't wait to see what some people put out there

The licensing terms set by the various artists are interesting. Both Chuck D and the Beasties chose the more restrictive no commercial use license, rather odd (and possibly hypocritical) since both groups built their money making careers on sampling and both had songs protesting their right to do so freely.

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The WIRED CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share. Free with the November issue of WIRED. Including Beastie Boys, Gilberto Gil, Dan the Automator and Cornelius. More about the Sampling Licenses: Here!... Read More