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The day before yesterday, I received a notice from my hosting service that I was 80% through my bandwidth limit. I replied and asked for m.m.m.more bandwidth please. Then suddenly, I was at 100% and some trigger kicked in and shut down my site. It appears to have been a flood of requests from a singe IP address. (Who would want to DoS my blog...?)

Bloghosts has been generous on their pricing and Jace who runs it has generally been fairly responsive. For some reason, I haven't been able to get any response from anyone from Bloghosts. It is very unlike Jace so I'm going to hold back my criticism until I have more facts. It could be that there is some reasonable explanation.

Anyway, thank you for the flood of emails letting me know my site was down. I'm so glad you all care. (sniff) But the real thanks goes to Jason who set me up with space on his machine (where are you are reading this now) and Adriaan for getting my blog moved over to the new machine after a 24 hour outage. Since Jason doesn't seem to mind, I think I'll hang out on this server for awhile... so move over and give me some more room Sean, Chey and Gary.


I have the same situation with bloghosts.

My site's been down for three days now and I haven't a response for Jace. Usually, he responds within 24 hours but he hasn't even updated his support msg on his website.

Same here. I had an issue that went unanswered for almost three weeks. Eventually they answered, and from what I can tell, they're having serious issues with their support system. Probably an ongoing thing that's hurting their customer service side.

They answered eventually, but not before I seriously considered switching.

this sounds very similar to what happened to BlogCritics back in June... Jace pulled the same stunt (little warning, no support, website disappeared).

Stay as long as ya like. Jason's home for wayward blogs is always open...

Same story here, I have an open support ticket with Bloghosts, which has just stalled now Jace has vanished with no replies ...

Yup, tofu - that was pretty much the deal with Blogcritics.

Sort of a last minute jam and they were pinched looking for somewhat emergency replacement hosting. We got them setup with that I've used for years. Cyberwurx is blogger-friendly and have special blog hosting plans starting as low as 5 bucks a month. They even have special plans for audiobloggers/podcasters that aren't even being advertised on their site yet.

I've been taking many clients in to my hosting company because of this - even offering a free month to help with the pain of moving. Jace also hasn't responded to my e-mails within the past week. Sad to see someone shut down so suddenly like that.

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