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Sony's has just announced the pricing for the PSP, the PlayStation®Portable. They will go on sale December 12 for 20,790 yen including tax. Sony did a big back-peddle when Nintendo announced the pricing for their competing product, the DS their hours before Sony's developers meeting where it was rumored that they would announce the price. People had estimated the price would be 29,800 - 40,000 yen. Since the Nintendo price (15,000 yen including tax) was so far below the estimated Sony price and it was announced so close to the beginning of the Sony meeting that Sony could not have had time to react. It was clearly an intentionally aggressive move by Nintendo. Much more crafty than the Nintendo I remember.

Sony delayed the beginning of the meeting announcing that one of their directors was caught in heavy traffic. (right...) Eventually, they got their act together and announced that they would not be announcing the price. ;-)

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pero como si estará iluminda la pantalla por favor...que preguntas si hasta la game gear lo tenia madre mia


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