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Salon reports that a NASA photo analyst believes Bush wore a device during the debate.

via Lessig


I think it was a waterballoon, in this picture it has just burst:

Any possibility that, apart from being a "device" of some sort, it's some sort of body armor? The audience may have been well-screened but it seems reasonable that the Secret Service would still want some additional protection. Just a thought.

I find it easy to believe the worst about Bush. But I find it hard to believe a guy like Karl Rove would not be providing his puppet state-of-the-art miniaturized technology shipped over direct from the CIA or NSA or . . . Akihabara.

All you loony lefties need to get a life...

What I find curious is that few TV professionals have commented on the fact that the Bush Bulge is the same size, shape, and style as many of the wireless devices commonly in use. From what I can see, it looks like exactly the same box that they used on me for a remote interview on Fox.

The CIA tried to say that this was a strap for his bullet-proof vest, but in looking at images from public appearances there is no "bulge". Interesting that he would be so bold as to not wear one when shaking peoples hands.

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