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Why are they going to run WMD drills on election day? Some strong allegations on the Citizens for Legitimate Government page with links to a variety of sources.


Aw, come on, they couldn't do that. That'd be constitutional suicide.

Oh please...

Give me a break. Did you even follow the links? They were misquoted, misdated fear-mongering. You might as well write the following:

"Series of fires, murders, car accidents scheduled for election day"

"Some voters will die of heart attacks, strokes, cancer on election day"

"Sun to set on election day--will it return?"

Those guys need more tin foil on their heads....

Again, UPI is not the MOST reliable source, but would they be lying in this article? Just wondering. Why do it on election day? Yes, a bit of tin foil is visible, but seems to me they could pick a better day than election day.

My point is that things happen all the time. There are shoot-outs at banks, fires in homes, earthquakes (in Japan, so it seems) nearly every day. That there is a WMD exercise in Arizona or someplace doesn't a coup d'etat make, and if you go further into that website you'll see that some of the stuff is schedule NOT on election day (as they claim) but on the 3rd, or the 4th, or not even election week (as is the case in California so it appears). The folks seemed to be stretching the truth a bit.

If you dig further and go to and review the SCAN-DC mailing list, you'll see not only are emergency drills conducted nearly every day or week in the Washington area, but also that combat air patrol is called out over the ecity nearly every other day as well. Such is the world we live in.

Perhaps they shouldn't have had it on election day, but then again, why not? I don't think the US is such a fragile place that election day is a "do nothing" holiday.

OK Maybe it just sounds strange for me since I've never seen a WMD drill before.

Sadly, they are extremely common now, especially in the Washington DC area. The mailing list I mentioned often lists them, sometimes even asking for volunteers to be "victims." We also have air attack drills in DC, sometimes involving fighter jets zipping over the Capital at a few hundred feet (very loud). They usually announce these in the papers though, to prevent fear.

DC, probably more than other places, really has the feel of an armed state. The local cops have authorized their officers to wear "battle" dress which is military pants, boots, and these baseball caps that look like the Nazis sorry to say. Capitol Hill police (DC has about seven police forces) have 100% roadblocks set up near their offices, stopping everyone while cops in automatic weapons watch over you. For the last few years there were Humvee's with machine guns mounts parked next to the Pentagon near a major highway to shoot any suicide bombers. They solved that by moving the road 300 yards away (seriously, a six lane highway just moved).

You really get the feel someone is watching you in DC now. It kind of sucks....

I'm in Hong Kong now and in comparison, this place feels "freer" in the sense I don't see a cop everywhere I look, there are no machine guns walking around, and you don't get stripped searched at the airport.

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This seems highly suspect...

I'm not sure about WMD drills, but there are incidents taking place nationwide that suggest that the Republicans are trying to strong arm the election AGAIN.

For instance, the Supreme Court is allowing them to challenge each voter's eligibility at the polls in Ohio. The Supreme Court, true to form, refused to hear the complaint of the Dems.

I predict that there may be some genuine civil unrest before the end of the week.

I saw some excellent election articles and videos at Geek Out You have to check it out!