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The ISOC Taliban Religious Zealots Define Reality

There are 52 members of the ISOC Taliban. They are
religious zealots. They have spent years defining
reality for netizens. People with more technical
skills and in some cases more historical time on
the net are able to see right thru their charades.
The average netizen does not have the time or
experience to see (understand) what has been going
on. Many humans also do not care. They have better
things to do. Their reality consists of meat-space
challenges, like feeding their children.

One could go thru all 52 of the ISOC Taliban
Religious Zealots and explain in great detail the
last 30 years of their life on the net. There
are common patterns that emerge. One of the most
important common traits is their willingness to
tell "The Big Lie" to defend their party line,
no matter how far from the truth they have to
stray. They do not view it as a lie, they view
it as reality. They collectively define the
reality and then all defend that reality no
matter how untrue. Their collective actions
DEFINE them as a group. They really believe their
own lies. They also derive pleasure from seeing
the masses attempt to challenge their aristocracy.

Since they are well-funded by the masses, they
have an unlimited ability to travel to any
venue to sit and pontificate "the Big Lie".
There is an unlimited number of people willing
to also travel to *watch* the deliberations.
The funding and the spectators combine to convince
the ISOC Taliban Religious Zealots that the
reality they have defined is also accepted by
the masses. They label that consensus. They label
themselves to be "the community" and attempt to
claim the masses are part of their closed little

People occasionaly note that one of the main
features of America is a separation of Church
and State. That is not possible with the ISOC
Taliban Religious Zealots. They are cut from the
same cloth that people see blanketing the Middle
East. It is ironic that Americans spend time and
resources making sure the Middle East does not
move to their soil, yet, their Internet is ruled
by the same style religious zealots. It is not
ruled by truth and free market forces.

Until future generations become educated and
enlightened with past historical examples of how
the ISOC Taliban Religious Zealots operate,
nothing will change. You are forced to live in
the reality defined by 52 people who have no
intention of changing that reality. It is not in
their best interest to change that reality. If
you change "The Big Lie" to the truth, they
cease to exist. You can continue to be their
prey or you can walk away. The choice is yours.

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