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Harper's Magazine
Electing to Leave A reader’s guide to expatriating on November 3

So the wrong candidate has won, and you want to leave the country. Let us consider your options.


Saw this in a few placing including metafilter



Check your mail when you have time.

I'm actually packing already. Now I just have to find a safe haven. The article is a bit downbeat, since it doesn't take into account special skills leading to a slightly better set of options.

Joi, and others thinking of moving,

I strongly recommend reading this personal narrative of an expat who "left" America because they were fed up wiht Bush et. al. a few years ago.

They're on their way home now to fight for what they believe in. They couldn't stand to watch this election from afar, and want to get back into the battle.

As a former political activist now living overseas, I can tell you that yesterday was one of the most homesick days of my life. I really missed being 'in the mix' and watching from overseas was just painful

Forgive me if this sounds abrasive, but the whole idea of moving because you don't like the outcome of an election seems... so... American. It's things getting rough and just throwing in the cards rather than actually doing some work to fix it.

Perhaps you have no idea how much I've already bled and shed for the country, not to mention being stabbed in the back by our establishment more times than I care to remember. It isn't the election, it's four (or more) years of what the administration are going to be doing that I won't be waiting around for.

No offense to political activists, but what, honestly, do you think they're going to be able to do against a group that control all three branches of the government?

I would advise the world to be afraid, but that is exactly what the administration -wants- the world to feel. So it's a case of deciding which side of the wall one chooses to fight from, and it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to decide that freedom is going to be defended on the other side of the wall the U.S. is building.

All of your Leftists should leave America. You hate America and frankly America hates you.

You have many choices of where to go. After all, ANY place in the world is better than America. America is the only unique country in the world and you just don't fit in.

You all say you believe in diversity and tolerance and other pablum so put your money where you mouths are.

Here are some countries I suggest:

1) South Africa. Apartheid is over, white rule is ended, blacks now have a say. This is where you belong. Forget the fact that South Africa which had a fraction of the land mass of sub-Saharan Africa and had a relatively small population produced the majority of sub-Saharan GNP. With black rule, it's now the carjacking and baby-rape capitol of the world. A perfect place for you all.

2) Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia): Before black Marxist ruler Robert Mugabe came to power, Zimbabwe was a net exporter of grains. That was because whites tilled the farms and produced. Once blacks took away all the farms and persecuted the whites and killed them, Zimbabwe is no longer a net exporter of grains. It is now an importer and starvation is growing while once productive and fertile fields lay fallow. Again, perfect for your dumbass Liberals to help out and destroy the Zimbabwean economy even faster.

3) Cuba - What can I say. You got Comrade Fidel there and you can even stop by and have some café con leche where Brother Che once made plans to destroy the beauty and dreams of the Cubanos. But hey, at least you can pick up a young boy or girl for a little sex real cheap. You could even open up a branch office of the Gay San Francisco Baby Rape group called NAMBLA there.

4) Canada - you could go there but if you are educated, white or disease free you aren't getting in. They prefer Turd worlders like many countries nowaday.

5) China - If you are good with databases, China could use you. Someone needs to tally all the forced infanticides and set up an online auction for organs sales cut out from political prisoners who dare think about free speech, free association or believe in a higher power other than the State.

But hurry and make your choices you dumbass Liberals because America is moving back to it's true home and you are not welcome. We will run your fucking asses out on a rail and beat you silly. You have wrecked our country for 50 years now and we have waken up. Payback is going to be a bitch and you'll be our bitches.

So if you aren't already taking psychotropic drugs get a prescription - Zoloft, Prosac, Xanax - why is it, by the way, that almost every Liberal I know is on some mind altering drug? You guys would just be so hilarious if you weren't so dangerous.



Wow, looks you've really thought this all out Travis. But you seem to have left out the favorite target of your ilk: France. You know, the evil, perfidious, socialist, and cowardly French. But thanks for reminding why I don't actually miss sharing space with all you idiots, er, I mean patriots. Keep up the good work.

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