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People should start investing money in independent record labels who have bands that sing about "sticking it to the man". The only upside I see is that people get quite creative when they are oppressed. I predict a rise in counter-culture.


Right on! I like your way of thinking.

Well my friend, your thinking is on par Marylin Manson's. In 2000, I saw a video of him saying just the same thing.
Can't find it online right now, but here's a Salon article with the appropriate title : "Marilyn Manson predicts better music under Bush".

The sixties had some incredible music and corrupt leader, so the outlook is good for creative outlets and activism.

If you fancy investing in film instead, I have a really good script just itching to be made... ;-)

Who oppressing??? We are liberating Iraq, our culture is the most free in the entire world. Seriously this is off kilter.

What rubbish. People always draw the wrong conclusions from the hippie movement and the punk movement. The next four years will be saturated with country-western music, the only thing akin to your prediction will be the explosion of Arabic folk music praising Bin Laden.

As someone from the 60s who was involved in various protests at the time, I note that there were several "revolutions" underway at the same time. Civil rights was probably bigger than the war for most of the decade and women's rights started to make an appearance. Ecology towards the end of the decade and experimentation with drugs and sex .. it was a very complex period and not everyone was involved in everything.

For some of the young generation (not all - it turns out anti administration behavior in the youth didn't go past 50 percent until Kent State) there was this incredible feeling that anything was possible. There was an incredible spirit that we could do things despite the clueless leaders. Vietnam brought some focus as all of us were involved in a draft and all of us knew someone who was killed or maimed.

I think a draft would focus the youth of the county. To date I'm sad to note that it may be the only thing.


What is needed now is focus. I don't see it coming from the youth ... not yet.

Perhaps the easiest thing is to begin to mobilize disenfranchised people using buying patterns. Few companies could withstand loosing half of their business - or even 10%. It would be interesting to identify target companies and have people stop doing business with them. The "right" is not going to be able to sustain the target companies. Perhaps a moveon type project.

Ultimately what is needed is a leader who can focus a considerable amount of energy.

Yeah! Stick it to The Man!

Seriously, how do you expect consumers to know the difference between "rebellion" backed by corporate bucks and "genuine" indie "rebellion"?

If I learned one thing from punk rock its that if you dont like the choices offered, go and make something yourself or get some friends together and start a band.

How do you tell, Chris_B?

Generally, if you are required to exchange money for some sort of packaged rebellion - audio or otherwise - it's not real. Pretty simple.

I leave it up to the reader to decide about cases where donations are accepted and not required.

Personally, I've been highly motivated by the last 36+ hours. I'm cleaning the house up in a fervish manner, which is unlike me. I wrote a bunch of stuff. I DJ'ed a stomping hard acid techno set. The neigbors upstairs were playing some kick ass riotgrrl punk earlier, and the hip-hop boys above them were freestyling a little while ago and they sounded pretty pissed, and occasionally straight up political.

fervish: Adjective. The combination of feverish and fervent. I think I've been online too long. :)

"Oppressed"? You guys wouldn't know oppression if it smacked you in the face with a ballpeen hammer.

My wife came from Vietnam. Here family was OPPRESSED. Father was killed and tortured by the Communists - yeah, the Communists, the very same ones that Comrade Kerry aided and abetted in Vietnam - for that alone Kerry should have been executed for Sedition.

All possessions confiscated. The mother forced to stay in a concentration camp for 2 years until all her hair and teeth fell out from malnutrition and frequent beatings.

An uncle that was killed, oh and their grandfather that was killed in the "Land Reforms" in the 1950's. Yeah, they took him to his farm, buried him up to his neck in the earth and ran his head over with a tractor while his family and the rest of the village watched.

There is no oppression in the US - well, actually there is, but the revolution has begun and it is ending. The oppression is from the Gay Mafia, the Feminazis and the Liberal Haters and Thugs that populate college campi and institutions of Lower Living like Harvard and their ilk.

And the 'journalists' from such fishwrappers as the NYT, SF Comical and others all of which are facing massively decreasing circulations and decreasing ad rates/revenues which is why they have been getting caught (and sued) for this outright fraud. But hey, since these papers make up half the stories in them anyway about how "Bush stole the election" or did some other supposed henious crime, why not lie about circulation numbers to raise you base ad rate?

After all Lieing and Liberalism goes together as well as Peanut butter and Jelly.

By the way, I do agree with your comments on the
"rise in counter-culture".

In fact, this revolution is in progress NOW! The revolution is the American populace throwing off 40 years of the liberal yoke. Revolution is here now and growing.

Look at the rise of all alternatives shows, media, news and entertainment for conservatives. It is a multibillion dollar industry and yet gets no attention. It has been bubbling under the surface and now starting to explode on the mainstream. Don't believe me? Well, look just at talk radio and it's smashing success in listenrship and revenue. Look at online news sources and their astronomical growth rates - Drudgereport, Newsmax, Worldnet daily. Look at online conservative groups - FreeRepublic and other conservative activist groups like ProtestWarrior and the Paul Revere Society.

And then look at Hollywood. Yes, Hollywood, consumers are demanding and responded to more wholesome products and don't want to support America-haters like Sean PencilHead, Tim "Nipple Head' Robbins and others.

Case in point, Mel Gibson's "Passion of Christ" that is close to pulling in $1 billion now, although not one Jew Hollywood studio would carry it - although Jew studio Miramax with the Weinstein commies picked up Michael Moore's HateAmerica flick.

Yes, America has woken up and it's getting very dangerous for Liberals and their Jewish Handlers and architects.

Isn't it amazing, the tune they're ready to play on their fascist banjos?

If 'travis' weren't real, we would have to make him up in order to demonstrate the frightening blind alley a segment of the U.S. is forcing the rest of the population into.

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