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I just got a $78.81 tax refund from the US Government in the mail today. What timing. Ha. I think I'll donate this to the EFF.



Since you spout such much support for the Left and are a Leftist why don't you GIVE away all of your excess money?

That's right excess money. You don't need a car as you can walk or take public transportation.

As far as housing goes, it never amazes me how many Liberals such as yourself complain about homeless and such. Well, guess what, you don't need a two bedroom home for one person or a four bedroom home for two people like most of my Liberal friends have. Open you home and use your "excess" rooms to the homeless. If all your Liberals put your money where you mouths are instead of acting compassionate and forcing others to pay for your "compassion" homelessness would end.

Secondly, all your Liberals seem to think that are taxes are too low. That's your opinion. If so, no one is stopping you nor will the IRS complain if you pay a higher tax rate than you owe! So put your money where your mouth is and start paying a 90% marginal rate. That would make you happy and it would show me that you Liberals have some convictions.

Actually, Joi always struck me more as an anarcho-libertarian. Those that are unsophisticated in political matters, such as the recent trolls (see above) through the blog don't understand that the political sphere is not structured like the number line, which they might remember from their highest level of education, the second grade (correct me if I'm wrong, since the educational system may now have shifted and teach about the number line later than the second grade).

There is more to the world than Left or Right, liberal or conservative. In fact, the world is a pretty granular place, and the way someone comes down on a number of issues can indicate their political leanings but not actually identify them. My personal experience with Joi (something else which 'travis' seems to be lacking in, but that doesn't stop the current crop of idiots from jumping to conclusions) is that he's pro-liberty, pro-property, pro-ownership, etc. etc.

Or, in short, get a life travis.

It's your money, and you can do whatever you want with it. But if you are going to donate money, don't you think there are far more deserving causes than the EFF? Here's one, for starters :

Travis is no dumbass - so, rather than talk down to him, with civil discourse, he could certainly learn some things from you, Mr. Wilson. (and perhaps vice versa)

MPH: Perhaps not, although I don't see any evidence. He is, however, symbolic of a frame of mind that a lot of conservative-leaning commentators are chosing to ignore when they speak of the past election as being marked by hatred and vitriol spewing from the democrats.

Come on, don't let Travis get you down. The 3 million people who handed Bush his victory are mostly uneducated, overweight, and old. The future is ours; not theirs.

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