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Yesterday I got an influenza vaccination. I'm not sure what I expected but surprise surprise. I woke up this morning feeling like I had a mild flu. As a result I've slept all day. More than have slept all year probably. Which sort of sucks because I'm about to leave for Tel Aviv on the longest flight I'm going to take this year. (sigh)

Speaking of vaccinations, does anyone know if I need any special health preparations to go to South Africa?


Thanks Steven!

"does anyone know if I need any special health preparations to go to South Africa?"

Have you had your first ICANN treatments, where they remove parts of your brain ?

You can tell if you are fully prepared if you find yourself
nodding at every word Vinton Cerf says.

Malaria is only a concern in South Africa if you'll be in the sticks. I've been to Gauteng and Mpumalanga twice in the last 14 months and never bothered with any shots. A bigger concern for me was my skin, because I'm a pasty-faced boy from Ireland and I don't do well in the sun (but in fact, the climate cured my mild psoriasis).

Depends where you are visiting - if you are only in the major centres i.e. Joburg, Cape Town and Durban you don't need to worry about shots at all [but then again you will be missing all the good stuff].

The only place you need to worry about malaria precautions is if you are heading off to the Kruger Park.

If you want more info, send me an email - I'll buy you a beer when you are here and point you in the right direction. is a good place to go.
but don't bother trying to use firefox. [ i think i should phone them and rant ;) ]