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I'm at the airport now and I'm on my way to Israel. I have a 14 hour flight to Paris, a 5 hour layover and then another 4 hours plus flight to Tel Aviv. Long flight.

The influenza vaccination I took is making me feel sick I think. It feels like I have half a dozen mini-flus at the same time. Symptoms of a bunch of different flus but mini versions. Blah.

Since I have five hours in Charles de Gaulle Airport, maybe I should look for Merhan Karimi Nasseri, the Iranian refugee who has been living in the airport since 1988. I wonder if he'll let me moblog him. Or even... a podcast interview. I suppose my "boy am I sick of airports" line won't really fly with him.

Anyway, if anyone is in Charles de Gaulle between 4:35 AM and 10:30AM on Nov 7, let me know.


Anyway, if anyone is in Charles de Gaulle between 4:35 AM and
10:30AM on Nov 7, let me know.

Hehe, I am sure a lot of people will be at Charles de Gaulle between 4:35 AM and 10:30AM on Nov 7!!!

If you want to have an unforgettable experience in Tel Aviv airport - mention that you are visiting Palestinian friends in the country.

I visited a HW engineer who used to work with me in the US - he happened to be Palestinian. I haven't been treated like a piece of shit by government officials like that anywhere else - ever (except when I left the country one week later, actually). And that was in a relatively quiet period 5 years ago. It was bad enough to make up my mind about that country/government for good.

Hi Joy

I'll be in Tel Aviv too next week. Hope to meet you!

Drop me a line if you can on my blog or to my mail...

See you!

Luca De Biase, bloggin from Italy

lots of fluids for the trip:

try lotus plant juice for the flu blahs; also echnacea sort of works but could bug out your stomace; same with zinc.



You are a freind of many friends I haven't met yet (Dave, Doc etc). You are most welcome here. I am really curious as to what brings you to this part of the world. Any public appearance I can come to?


Did you know that the Mossad has a technology department that is responsible for development of technologies they use to support their operations? Look into it; it's kinda interesting. No joke.

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Merhan Karimi Nasseri,一个伊朗难民,自从1988年就一直住在巴黎戴高乐机场。Joi Ito 谈他计划中的旅程,讲到将在戴高乐机场停留5个小时,想要去看看他,“不知他是否能让我moblogging他”。 那... Read More