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John Perry Barlow has the best liberal post-election post I've read so far...


Hey Joi, Barlow is a Libertarian.

Barlow writes:

Still, despite a pandemic of pus-mouthed invective, the good news remains that there's been no shooting so far. Given the ferocity of our divisions, I feared violence would erupt during these elections.

He should call up the North Carolina Republican Party and let them know. I'm sure they'd be fascinated to hear.

While he's at it, he should spread the news to the folks in West Virginia and Tennessee (both local republican headquarters) that got shot at and invaded by a bunch of union-thugs.

Don't get me wrong, there's been very little violence compared to some other countries, but then again, for all our problems, we have far less vote fraud than some other countries too...

"Saddam was killing them too." I doubted that even Saddam has ever killed as many Iraqis in a year and a half as we've just polished off, but I let that pass."

Uhhh, more liberal crap...we've already found one mass grave with 300,000, can he explain that one? Oh yeah, how about the 2-4 million Iraqis and Iranians that were killed back in the 80's by, yup, WMD"s.

I wish they would get their facts straight.

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