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I noticed that the "liberal" (I don't know if that is the correct term) people here are banning products made in the West Bank and Gaza to protest the Israeli settlements there.

I am going to Jerusalem this morning. As someone who is mostly non-religious and Shinto if anything, the notion of so many religions can sharing the same holy place is very difficult for me to understand. Hopefully, I will understand it better after visiting.


Many of them don't understand it either. Hence the violence.

You misspelled "sharing." I think you meant "killing-each-other-over."

Tip : A week ago the Jerusalem municipality started to run wi-fi zones in the center of town. It works in Ben Yehuda st. "Nachalat Shivaa" area and Safra square ("kikar Safra").

And about the "liberals" - here they are called Left wingers. (or "stinky left wingers", depends on which side you are)

There are plenty of shared Shinto/Buddhist spots in Japan. Why would shared sites be tough to comprehend?
Anyway, the middle eastern religions have more in common than they like to admit these days. There are many shared Muslim/Christian shrines, and not just in Israel.

Are you ging to visit Haifa?


Check your japanese history, there was religious war here pretty much until Oda Nobunaga went and killed off 10,000 members of the Hongan buddhist sect by burning their mountain residence.

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Boo. Yes. I know Shinto/Buddhist spots that are shared, but the Japanese have sort of reconciled these two religions and they they sort of gave the "funeral business" to the buddhists and the "birth and blessing" business to the Shintos. Also, Shinto is not monotheist so, when interepreted liberally, works OK in co-existance mode.

Leonld, sorry, not going to Haifa...

Chris. Oh I know we've had religious wars in Japan. I'm not denying that the Japanese have fought wars under the banner of both Buddhism and Shinto. But everyone in Japan knows the Buddha is from India and that there are a bunch of Shinto Shrines all over the place with "The Force" quite distributed. What was amazing to me about Jerusalem was this kind of ground zero of Holiness...