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It's been a great experience meeting all of the vibrant people of Tel Aviv and visiting the holy city of Jerusalem. Special thanks to Yossi Vardi for his incredible hospitality. It looks like I must have caught some some sort of throat infection on the plane when I was weakened by the influenza shot. Since I have no fever or flu-like symptoms, my doctor doesn't think it's too bad or contagious, but I have a nasty cough. I wish I wasn't sick or I would be on the beach right now. I am not looking forward to the long flight back. Coughing Asians aren't usually very welcome on planes, although it's better than during the height of the SARS fright. I'm going to keep my cough syrup close.

Anyway, see you later Israel and thanks for all the falafel!


I just came back to Japan from Canada and have more or less the same symptoms. Sore throught, graduated into a nasty cough I'm trying hard not to give in to. Quite tired all day, and feeling just mildly feverish. Reckon it'll last just long enough to keep me off my bike in this beautiful (but a bit freakish) 20C weather in Saitama.

Yägermeister. Best cough syrup ever...

Cough's gone for note. Hope it stays gone. Security getting to the gate in Tel Aviv was the most intense I've ever experience. They were polite (at least to me) but it was so high tech and thorough. I guess I can't blame them, but what a difference from the Helsinki->Stockholm where I didn't even have to show my passport.

you now experience the two edges of security, somewhere in between is prob the right place. lucky you didnt experience the new rapiscan1000 which is being you used in heathrow terminal 4, it basically undresses the people who go through it.... scary stuff

speaking of hi tech and israel. how do you like the airport

"Coughing Asians aren't usually very welcome on planes" .... ok, that's pretty funny. lol

Best falafel I ever had was from a street vendor near Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem! I swear, I've never had a falafel since and not momentarily paused to remember that delicious falafel. Mmmmm. They must put blessed crack in them.

BTW, I should type out my tale of going through Israeli security, but it would take too long. To summarize:
- Only the rare Isaraeli security goon understands what an Air Courier is.
- Having the startup message on your Nokia set to "Bomb Activated, Evacuate Now" is only funny in certain contexts.
- Having brown skin greatly increases your odds of going through comprehensive and rigorous screening (I thought I was going to go full monty for a moment there actually).

Note, that this was December 2000, well before the whole world went into airport security overdrive.

Very short hairstyles are another way of making new friends at Tel Aviv airport, particularly for male British subjects. Another good trick is to travel return from Cairo to Israel on the same day without luggage, and not leave the Tel Aviv airport while you are in the country.

How about coughing non-Asians? Take care.

Regarding your cough, don't count on it being gone.

At the very least, drink plenty of water (juice is good too, but avoid caffeine, including caffeinated sodas), regardless of how inconvenient it is to use the WC on a plane. And don't eat the salty snacks. Even mild dehydration leaves you much more vulnerable to infection, particularly respiratory and throat infections.

As an added measure, you could load up on vitamin C.

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