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Blogging from the bullet train on my way to Kyoto to chair a panel at the STS Forum. I usually don't moderate or chair panels so this will be an interesting experience for me. I guess the key will be to shut up and listen.

I still haven't shaken this bronchitis, but I think I should be better by the time I'm up. I did see a doctor and got some proper medication. I asked my doctor again whether I was contagious. He said, "not that contagious, but it depends on the person." Not very reassuring. So if you're feeling weak, don't shake my hand. ;-)


A redundant spammy comment has been deleted.

To the person who has been leaving these commments: You are probably talking about 'rebotcast'by juliabuck. She has no afiliation with this blog. Please stop leaving redundant comments/complaints here and if you would like to discuss the issue, please comment with your email address or send me an email. Anonymous redundant noise will be deleted.

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then tell her stop trashing with such a shite!!! I don't believe that you have nothing to do with it. Tell her to stop.

Hello, just reading your blog and became interested enough to subscribe. BTW... I love Kyoto also Kamakura. Japan is very diverse and beautiful.

Thank you,