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Rebecca suggests starting the Blogger Corps.

Rebecca MacKinnon
Bloger Corps?

... For early blog-adopters, blogging was an end in itself. For the activist community, blogging has to be an effective means to a concrete end.

In the final wrap-up session of Bloggercon III, I suggested that socially conscious members of the blogging community (of all political persuasions) might want to organize a "Blogger Corps." Through it, bloggers could donate their time to help poorly funded activists or non-profit groups to figure out what blogging tools are right for them, set up blogs, and develop effective blogging strategies.

Count me in Rebecca. I've been doing my own share of Johnny Appleseed evangelism, but I think a more organized approach where we can share information and coordinate activities would be great. I think we should start a wiki page. ;-)


Sounds interesting, I just thought about this last nite. Like adopt-a-blogger or something :)
Seriously, it makes a lot of sense to go and enable others for blogging - be it organizations or individuals.

We can have blogging parties like they have tupperware parties.

Yes but in tupperware parties, there is profit.

Count me in too, Joi. But there has to be a way to connect it to Real Life, whatever that is. Lot of typing and babble that doesn't make it out of this sphere. The "Cleveland 20" who just did the Video the Vote effort in Ohio (I'm in it, Xeni put it on BB) are now looking at other ways to do politics with video and the web. Media Rapid Response Team and all that. How do you get results? That's the puzzle.

Or are you just blogging evangelists, not activists using blogging? Maybe I misunderstand the idea.

Good idea-, I am interested in it too, Joi san.
Is there any market place where need and supply
can meet for the sake of Blogger Corps?

I thought new article on Wired "How the Internet Invented Howard Dean" are still relevant reading.


Idea Thief! We thought of this first!!! NANAHA!! :-P

Actually, it's an amazing idea and the fact that other people are thinking the same thing means it's something that makes sense. After I made that post Jonas Luster and I have been moving forward on the Bloggers without Borders idea (admittedly him more than I at the moment) and are putting together a site and everything for it right now.

We should all join forces on this - it seems like one of those ideas that the more people working towards the better!

Robin Good has actually been doing this for a year and a half. I am one of the people he "took under his wing" and supplied blog space and tools for. My site (health activism) is Health Supreme at

The Robin Good Communication Agents Initiative is here:

Just to say that there is an early example of this already alive.

I've been working on a similar project called the Civiblog (see The idea is that we provide blogging for those in civil society to express themselves and share resources. We're trying to find interested bloggers to expand our little community. Anyone in civil society is welcome, regardless of country. We already have some bloggers around the world, check out our page if you are intersted, or if you have some insight to help us expand.

In MacKinnon's BloggerCon session, she mentions a wikipedia that she has already started. That would probably be the place to concentrate the effort.

This was on my mind this morning as a newbie looking for help. First, the links I am already looking into for general understanding:

The Rise of Open-Source Politics: The Nation
Campaigning by Committee--a big Committee: Future Tense CBC this A.M.
Personal Democracy Forum Technology changing...

I would love any interested parties to swing by my new blog and give me some feedback. Today's entry is mostly a quote from The Nation but there is original commentary in most of the entries. Sometimes a bit strident but my current audience is local friends I am trying to rally.
Thanks, Nate of Madison WI

Hi, In a similar line I have just started the CivicCommons a wiki space etc. to get people to suggest and start building civic software.

check out for some of the initial ideas, we hope to get this europe wide at least, hoepfully world wide.



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