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via Imajes

UPDATE: If the link above is down, try this one. Thanks Alison.


That's the most I've laughed at something online in a long time. Thanks!

Joi, looks like whatever was posted was pulled.

Link now down, one that works is here:

if the green vehicle also falled into the water it will be greater laugh i think.good link!

Shelley. Interesting. It worked a few minutes ago and now it's not working again. Thanks for the alternative link Alison. I'll put it in an update.

Oh my god! That was hilarious. thanks Joi

Hilarious, absolutely hilarious, any notice it was in Ireland?

Yes, it is in a place called Roundstone, in Co. Galway. It was in the local papers a few weeks ago, apparently. A very nice spot to visit if you get a chance. Keep the rental car away from the pier though.

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