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Boris blogs about his first Sony Walkman.

I remember my first Walkman. It was the Sony TPS-L2 (thanks to the Vintage Walkman Museum). I was in 9th grade. I remember my favorite song was "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen. I was living in Tokyo and just started going to discos and nightclubs. I had just moved to Tokyo. The Walkman was part of the "coming of age", becoming independent, asking a girl out for the first time and becoming Japanese part of my life.

I remember the feeling of having music thundering in my head as I walked to school. It made me feel all subversive inside. I also remember the little orange button that turned on a microphone so you could hear what people were saying. These days, we just pull off our headphones. Now with my in-ear earphones, I wish my iPod has a button to turn on a microphone so I don't have to extract the earphones just to listen to someone trying to say something to me.

The Walkman also represented a period in gadget history where companies like Sony could create cool new gadgets based on some great idea by the founder. It seems like Apple is the only company that can really pull that off these days and even then, it's really a redesign of a good idea, not a brand new idea. I miss the feeling that I had when I got my first Walkman.

I think this "meme" started with Nika


i like the poetry in your memories of your first walkman. i was late at getting my first walkman. by that time my son was already born; it must have been about 18 years ago and i used it mostly in my train commute to the university.
the gadget history aspect of your story is what i think is very interesting. i was at the apple store today (my powebook needs a new display, there is something about workmanship that does not match apple's design and concept mastery) and there was one fellow there with a problem with his ipod, again a mechanical problem, but he reported being totally HAPPY with it. the ipod is indeed what comes close in terms of a revolution, like the walkman was in his day. i am a musical zero, love music, love to dance, have learned to play 3 instruments (badly) and i still can never remember the name of a song, a composer, a group, or anything relevant in music identifiers... but when it comes to the ipod, espcially now that it can store pics, i want one, and i do not need one. i think that i just described the gadget effect.

this is interesting.

Nitin Gupta

yes man! i had exactly the same one, also my first walkman! that was the good old time! still have a DD2 with the extra belt clip and the additional battery pack!
thanx for diggin out soime memories aain ;)

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