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I don't know if this already old news but have you ever called echo123 on Skype? (It's on their support page.) It's a test account that talks to you and plays back a message you record. The woman on the Echo Test Service has a cool Estonian accent. So for all of you lonely Estonian guys out there... I THINK her name is Heidi, but I'm checking now.

UPDATE: Her name is Kerli.


It is very hidden but I find it a very good service - you want to test Skype as soon as you have it but would not like to call anyone.

So welcome to skype testing site. Please leave a message during ten seconds after the beep and the message will be played back to you ...

I had to do very much testing and have kind of memorized it ;o)

But, it is very hidden in their documentation, so it is good to blog about it. :o)


Also try calling user "echo-chinese" ;)

For those interested in Skype details, More details here..

Don't understand a word, but echo-chinese is cool :o)

Hm. Perhaps I should send in echo-german and demand some free Skypeout hours for it ;o)

Joichi showing his devotion to the blog with the correction there.

How do you know what her name is? Skype says her name is Echo Test Service.

I know some people at Skype so I asked.

So, to be clear, this person Kerli gave permission for you to release her name?

Well someone senior at Skype said I could blog it yes. I didn't ask her directly.

i like her! i think i gonna call her every day. she is so smart...

when eco test 123 operating there iis error message stating miro phone and head phone not operating is it nessary to down load any thing

I am facing problem while voice talk with my friend. He can hear me but I can't hear him.

Thanks alot for the information, I am going to tell him to try echo testing.

So for me actually there is no Kerli anymore but instead a message in my language by some guy. So I guess they have personlized it (language wise) in the meanwhile.

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