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I'm off to Paris today for some meetings, to Cape Town for the ICANN meeting, SF for some meetings then Boston for the Votes, Bits and Bytes meeting at Harvard Law School. As usual, my schedule is on my wiki. Also, my apologies to the environment...

PS My trip to SF is VERY short trip. I'll be back for a more leisurely visit in January and will hook up with everyone then.


If you get to London (nearish Paris) give us a call. We'd love to interview you.

I'm looking forward to seeing your reports from the ICANN meetings -- I'll be missing them. Would it be possible for you to set up an RSS feed containing only your ICANN-related blog itmes that I could include with the ICANN blog aggregator, at

I'm not sure how interesting my posts will be since I'll be doing more listening and learning than anything else. I'm not sure I'll have much of an opinion on anything until I get a better sense of the big picture.

An ICANN only RSS feed? Hmm... OK. Let me think about that.

Though i don't see it mentioned among the many places you're about to visit, i heard you'll be speaking at the chaos communication congress in berlin in the end of december. It'll be great to finally get to meet you:-p

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