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Sifry says: New Technorati This favelet for IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, etc.

Put Technorati in your browser and get a cosmos wherever you are.

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I know it's a little off-topic but...

On tuesday I posted about some technical problems with Technorati, and on wednesday David Sifry explained what the issue was in the comments. Of course he reached my blog using Technorati :)

I would say that Technorati helps you to keep track of conversations on the Internet, and that David Sifry does it himself. Good job!

By the way, there is a problem with Technorati for blogs with different URLs (post in Spanish about it). Especially if you use a service such as Blogspot ( and also have your own domain ( Most of links to your post will be something like:

So you won't get all the results with a single query to Technorati (you'll need to query twice: and

Wouldn't be nice if Technorati allow us to aggregate results from different URLs? Is it possible already?

Similar problem happens with Google's PageRank.

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